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These 6 Simple Habits can Boost Your Immunity

People always want to know about the remedies for a strong immune system. Keeping our immunity strong is the most important thing right now. So, here we are telling you about 6 easy habits to increase your immunity. 
Although there has been so much discussion about immunity that there is hardly anyone who does not know about the importance of a strong immune system, but still it is very important to focus on some things to increase immunity. This eating habits play the biggest role. With the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc in our lives, the only way to stay safe is to stay home, get vaccinated and keep your immunity in good shape. We are sure these immunity booster habits will help you to strengthen your immunity and fight against Coronavirus.

1. Enough Sleep

When we sleep, our body goes through 5 stages of sleep where it repairs tissues, muscles, cleanses the system, creates neuronic pathways. In short, our body rejuvenates when we sleep. Make sure that you get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Habits can help strengthen your immunity.

2. Deep Breathing Exercises

Regular deep breathing can help and repair the vagus nerve. This nerve is the longest nerve in the body, which connects our brain and digestive system. It ensures better digestion, absorption and improves our immunity.

3. Eat Healthy

Do not follow any diet blindly. Not all diets suit everyone. Find foods that work for your digestive system and help reduce inflammation levels — fatigue, headaches, energy levels. Try to keep your craving to a minimum.

4. Turmeric

You can consume turmeric as a supplement and also in raw form, but be sure to take it with a pinch of black pepper to better absorb the nutrients from turmeric.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. You can add it to your tea, curry or just crush it and mix it with honey to soothe a dry cough or an itchy throat.

6. Ginger and Lemon

Ginger contains gingerol, which helps fight infection. We know lemon is rich in Vitamin C and helps in keeping our immune system strong.

7. Basil leaves

Giloy is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb with various immune benefits. You can get fresh Giloy, boil it in water, filter it and eat it. If you are not getting fresh Giloy, then you can also consume Giloy tablets.

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