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Hustle Culture: 6 Digital Ventures You Can Start Today

It is no secret that technology has changed our lives. But, while leveraging technology has many benefits, many people believe that it has impacted traditional job opportunities. It might be valid to some extent. However, looking at the bigger picture, technology and advancement today have also opened up a plethora of opportunities—online ventures being one. Furthermore, with the rise in COVID-19 pandemic cases globally, many businesses and entrepreneurs have shifted their focus online.

Whether you want to be completely free of your daily, boring 9-5 office job or are just looking to start a side business, the digital and technological world offers ample opportunities.

You can break down geographical barriers and reach a larger audience with online ventures. With the help of technology, making money while sitting anywhere in the world is now just as easy as ordering food from the deli next block.

Give you skills and interests, here are six online ventures you can start today!


One of the easiest ways to start an e-commerce business and earn online is dropshipping. The biggest advantage of dropshipping is you don’t need to invest a fortune in manufacturing, storing, or shipping a product. Instead, you can purchase the inventory and sell it in your online store for a commission. However, you must have advanced knowledge to make your dropshipping business successful. For this reason, consider enrolling yourself in online masters in business to learn the ins and outs of running a business.

The online degree program allows you to study at your pace with a flexible schedule. With your advanced degree, you can diversify your business operations and attain more profits. Make sure to select a niche you are not only passionate about but is also profitable—to make the most of this venture. Try to choose an industry that has low or medium competitiveness.


Teaching and tutoring skills are always in demand, whether online or offline. After all, everyone in the world is learning something or another. So if you have expertise or knowledge in a specific area— mathematics, physics, tax, programming language, or coding—, you can apply to become an online tutor.

An effective teacher is good at explaining technical concepts in a simple manner, so make sure to brush up on your skills before entering the market. You can find many sites on the internet and offer teaching courses to make money. All you need is to sign up and share your portfolio. Moreover, many online sites allow you to create downloadable teaching materials to make your online tutorial more interactive.


With millions of websites on the internet, this career path is in high demand today. If you are passionate about coding and creating, you can become a web developer and earn money from the comfort of your home.

As a website developer, you will be responsible for building the website from scratch. Therefore, you must have good problem-solving and creative skills to become proficient in this field. If you’re not interested in coding, you can become a web designer. All you need is to have an eye for creativity and learn tools and software that can help you design professional websites.


Do you enjoy writing and creating content? If so, blogging might be an ideal option for you. Unfortunately, many people think blogging has become outdated. However, this couldn’t be far from the truth.

Blogging is a perfect venture to earn money while sharing your ideas with an interested audience. Find a particular niche of your interest and choose a channel you’re highly familiar with—online blog, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Medium, etc.—to make the most of this opportunity.

Advertising and affiliate marketing are also popular ways to monetize your blogs to earn. However, keep in mind that blogging requires patience and consistent hard work, so don’t expect to go viral overnight and grow your audience organically for long-term impact.


While big businesses and corporations can easily hire consultants to handle their social media accounts, many small businesses struggle on this front. They are either on a tight budget or are too busy and often overlook the importance of social media presence.

If you understand the technicalities of social media and online campaigns, you can help these businesses reach the right audience with your ideas and techniques while working from home.

Learn the latest social media trends to create compelling content and stay ahead of the competitors. Popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. Be mindful; your work doesn’t end with creating content; you also need to respond to comments on the posts.


Vlogging plays a vital role to mark your success. Do you love making videos? Then maybe becoming a Youtuber is just what you need. According to Statista, around 1.86 billion people are using YouTube to watch content in 2021. The statistics give you more reasons to dip your toes in this field and start earning money. The largest video hosting platform allows any user to create channels and upload videos from anywhere in the world.

You don’t have to worry about buying a new or expensive camera to record your videos. You can use your smartphone with a good quality camera lens and create videos that offer unique value to your viewers. Your YouTube video content can be anything from DIY hacks to educational lectures, product reviews, cooking, and much more. Once you reach a particular number of subscribers on your channel, you can expect to generate revenue from your videos.


Thanks to technological advancements, monetizing your interests and skills have become extremely easy. However, before making your side-job a full career, make sure it aligns best with your skills and strengths. Moreover, no matter which path you choose, you can’t expect to earn as soon as you start. Be patient and remain self-determined to accomplish your goals.


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