Four Worst Blogging Mistakes that New and Amateur Bloggers Make

The majority of your blog’s traffic comes onto your website organically. What does it mean? The customers will search for a query on the search engine, and then when the search results show your blog, they will click on it, and this will direct the users to your blog. Of course, all of this happens if their query matches your blog content.

However, today there are countless organizations that, just like you, are competing for their audience’s attention. If you continue making some of the common blogging mistakes, you will fail to grab your audience’s attention.

So, which are some of the top blogging mistakes that you need to avoid? Read below to find out. 

Being unaware of who your audience is

This is the number one blogging mistake that a lot of people tend to make. At times, the bloggers do not even know or understand who their audience is. We have seen so many blogs wherein the bloggers comprehend the topic well, but they simply cannot establish a connection with the people reading the blog.

‘One simple trick that works for me is acknowledging and understanding the problems that the audience is facing. Then, associating it with things that they already may know, and finally, delivering some additional information, which they possibly do not know,’ comments Jack, who offers pay someone to do my chemistry homework services and is a successful blogger too.

See, we agree with Jack’s little tip here. If you feed the audience with the information they already know, will it be of any use to them? Not really. The idea is to ensure that the information is neither too complicated nor too elementary. If you fail to maintain this balance, your blog posts will not engage the audience. 

You only think of the ideas, which interest you.

Another common mistake that many bloggers tend to make is they create posts only on the ideas that interest them. See, it does not matter how many times you read and then re-read the blogs. It may be okay for you, but are they okay for your audience? 

When you get into blogging, ideas will start coming to you naturally, and that too at random times, sometimes while you are in the shower, or when you are running an errand, or when you go shopping with your mom. 

Now, the problem here is, it may be a great idea in general, but something that interests you personally may not be the best idea for your company, right? 

So, what should you do? 

Justine, who offers do my coursework service for students and is also a beauty and fashion blogger, has the perfect solution for us. She says that ‘when you create blogs, you need to align your posts with your company’s overall growth, and that will result in your overall growth.’ 

Understand the real reason why you are blogging. Is your idea not to solve the problems of your readers? If it is not, it should be! However, in addition to this goal, you should simultaneously work towards growing your business because that’s the whole point, right? So, each of your blog posts must continually serve these growth goals. They should tie-in with the issues that your company is facing and address the concerns of the people.

Your writing style is very formal

It is a blog, right? Why should it sound like a news report or English coursework? For your blog’s success, you should keep it effortless and interesting; comments Rihanna, an associate who offers online assignment help Australia services. 

What’s the point of a blog post full of technical jargon, which a regular user may not be aware of? Only a few lines into the blog will they feel bored and leave your website.

Thus, it is vital to write small and straightforward sentences precisely as if you were trying to make a conversation with your classmates.

Of course, we do not want you to make your blog seem like a conversation with a buddy, but you get the point, right? Keep it as conversational as possible, but do not let it lose its integrity. 

Inconsistency in your blogging schedule

In the past year, several new blogging superstars have come on the scene. Do you know, what’s the reason for their success? Consistency! 

Consistency is instrumental not only in the blogging world but in every world that you associate with. People want to associate with consistent people. Please do not focus merely on the result; instead, your focus should be on creating a consistent blogging schedule. Have a schedule, and adhere to it. It is okay if you post just once a week but stick to it. In no time, this will become your routine and will result in your overall success. 

The best tip for bloggers is to publish less frequently but ensure that your content is detailed and informative. Gone are the days when people would post every day to attract more search traffic.

Of course, search engines do appreciate fresh content, but that does not mean that you produce mediocre and poorly researched content every day. Bear in mind; quality is primary. 

It is always better to post one comprehensive article instead of publishing five crappy and poorly researched posts. Why? See, your posts will always be there on the internet (till one day, you realize it is bad and delete it).

So, you want to put forth only the best and informative pieces. Anytime you write about a topic, cover it A-Z. It will help your readers get comprehensive information from your blog. 

One of the best ways to add consistency to your blogging schedule is by creating an editorial calendar. This plugin can help organize your blogging schedule. It is free and very simple to use. 

These are the top four blogging mistakes that you need to avoid to take your blog to success.


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