7 Basic Digital Marketing Strategies for Initial Startup 2021

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In the year 2020, launching a startup may seem like a risky move, but it can reward the company in endless ways. If you have taken a final decision of introducing your startup in the fast-paced industry, roll up your sleeves and patiently put your best efforts to receive fruitful results. Relax, they will certainly pay back.

2020 is the year of advanced technologies with growing startups.  A brand identity is the foundation of every startup company. Hence, establishing social media strategies that create a strong stance of new ventures, help in a great way in the success of the brand.

Digital marketing has the capability to bring up your online presence and impact the revenue of your startup. An effective tool like digital marketing can contribute to the growth of businesses and pave the way for developing different marketing ideas.

Several businesses such as geniusvideos.co, have begun using digital marketing plans to transforms ideas into real growth of the business. But for the startup owners who have a goal of flourishing their businesses, they come across a common issue when they wish to introduce digital marketing as an important part of growth tactic – what digital marketing strategies should be used?

The following are the effective strategies of digital marketing that can promote your business’s name from a small startup to a full-fledged business.


Content has the potential to engage a large amount of audience towards your brand. Content that is captivating and original gets more attention from the people and impacts the target market immensely, and that is what makes content a king!

From delivering the purpose and message of the brand to making your startup a meaningful entity, content marketing can elevate the game of business in every aspect. It can augment the organic customer traffic and helps in progressing search engine results. 

It is suggested by some of the competent content marketers that the ratio of creating and managing content should be 80:20.

Marketing campaigns such as Facebook Messenger offers a great deal in efficacious digital marketing techniques. Subsequently, there exists a greater probability of audience following links they receive via Facebook Messenger than the links they receive through campaigns of emails marketing.

Surveys have proven that more than three-quarters of startup companies have blog posts. Although, having a blog on the website and using it as a part of the strategy for content marketing, are not the same. A startup always needs data-driven content.

Examining what the target market requires, makes it easier for startup owners to comprehend the kind of content they need to create such as blog posts, explainer video animation and so on.


The content that a team creates must be published on a platform and what better choice than Social Media Platforms? In order to spread awareness about a startup, social media is the well-suited soldier for this job.

 A robust existence of a startup requires conversions, brand popularity, generation of leads and speedy and top search engine results; all the aforementioned objectives can be accomplished from social media marketing.

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Social media marketing is one of the most reliable and substantial sources of generating leads for the business especially in B2B and B2C space.

 Among all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger is highly used and appreciated for generating leads. According to the report from 2016, more than 60 % of social media marketers invest in planning to make Facebook their highlight for the social advertisement of their brands. Do you know about Marketing Cost-effective strategies for 2021, you can follow https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2145227095281/5-marketing-cost-effective-strategies-for-2021


In the race of video animations and plain text, video animations always win!

In 2020, video animations have maintained a strong effect on businesses’ online presence and development. Videos communicate on a huge scale with the target market than any other source available. Lately, you can witness the boom of Instagram stories, Facebook live, explainer video animations, and so on, how video animations make waves among people.

A startup must conduct live coverage of events, tutorial videos, and answering queries in real-time. This allows the audience to be able to connect with the brand, its products, and services more.

Geniusvideos has a team of the best animation makers who are committed to creating video animations that convey the correct and reliable information of brands.


Search Engine Optimization has an unimaginable impact on the growth of the startup. The smart strategy is to make SEO your best friend. Businesses who invest remarkably in their SEO solutions are the ones who eventually get to enjoy their fruits.

SEO enables the website of the startup to rank on the top of search results and looks into the matters of device optimization, dependable link building, online visibility and page optimization.

Hiring an SEO specialist who is well aware of the SEO game will offer assistance in maintaining a consistent and steady digital marketing strategy and elevates your business’s success.


Email marketing falls under the umbrella of content marketing, which supports the organic growth of the brand. Email newsletters call for some exciting, beneficial, and unique content.

Email marketing empowers the hard work of content marketing when specific content is targeted at selected buyers at a certain point along with buying the decision timeframe.

Moreover, to make the most of the budget that is assigned to content marketing, content can be utilized multiple times in various ways. For instance, with the help of thoughtfully planned email marketing campaigns and strategies that include snapshots from the website of the business, a startup can redirect the leads back to their website.


Voice searches became a common practice in the mid of 2019 and continue to be the superpower of digital marketing strategy in 2020.

According to Arnof-Fenn, the CEO of leading marketing organization Mavens & Moguls, voice searches will be the main component to make the most of marketing and promotional purposes with the help of Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

Voice searches including chatbots have been observed to make a considerable difference in converting mere visitors to leads by providing solutions to FAQs and improving voice queries.

In 2019 a content marketer suggested that integrating semantics and maximizing content by voice searches produced a lot of assistance for Word Press beginners, which proved to grow the traffic by 37%.


Another way to expand the wings of your little startup bird? Guest blogging!

Allow your audience to create content with the help of guest blogging. Social media marketers have admitted that guest blogging has enabled their clients to connect with brands more, increasing client traffic and conversion.

It is a smart strategy as it allows the audience to exhibit their expertise of blogging and the startup can take advantage of using the blogs as the relevant resource of information and generation of leads.

According to the research, guest post articles possess the potential of yielding generous organic traffic and capable leads by staying relevant and informative, attracting over 200 leads every month.

Startup companies are playing their best game to B2B and B2C firms, in the process to transform digital marketing. Startup companies who have established their strong back-end must now consult marketing specialists to take their startups one level ahead.

Additionally, as proved by genius videos consistency is the key, it allows any startup to increase its visibility along with its multi-dynamic marketing strategies.

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