How to Write an Introduction and Conclusions for a College Essay?

An essay is a common genre of scholarly text that involves a concise presentation of the content of one or more primary sources based on their detailed analysis and semantic processing. The objects of essays are all kinds of scientific articles, books, patent descriptions and documents, reviews, and manuscripts placed in library databases. In the educational process, the student essay plays the role of a means of achieving an in-depth understanding of the issues of the studied course, and consolidation of the material of lectures, seminars, and laboratory workshops.

Writing essays in college is often used as a method of final or intermediate control of students’ knowledge obtained during the study of a particular discipline. In this case, the purpose of the essay is to acquire the skill of analyzing academic and professional literature and to demonstrate awareness and competence in some scientific fields.

To begin with, writing a successful essay is not for everyone. Unfortunately, this is a fact. Those who can articulate their thoughts beautifully shouldn’t have any problems. But if you are not called a humanitarian by vocation even at a stretch, you will have to work hard. After all, most likely, your work will not be distinguished by originality. And this problem is not so rare. Not everyone is given even a few years of training to master the art of writing perfectly. Many people think that these skills are not so important. Here you have to activate all your linguistic abilities and knowledge of synonyms. The easiest way is to order an essay from the edit my paper service online. They will help you cope with even the most difficult assignment. If you want to be a top-notch specialist in your profession in the future, learn to overcome difficulties.

How to Write an Introduction to an Essay?

Although the introduction should occupy no more than 10% of the entire volume of the essay, this section is one of its most important components. Often teachers, when evaluating an essay, will only look at the first part and the conclusion, glancing through the main text of the paper. Therefore, it is extremely important to write the introduction to the essay correctly, taking into account all the requirements, and in a couple of paragraphs outline the relevance, goals, and objectives of the research.

What is an Introduction in an Essay?

The introduction is one of the necessary sections of any scientific research, which displays the importance of the chosen topic, purpose, novelty, and relevance of the work. This part of the essay helps to interest the reader and prepare him or her to perceive the information set out in the main part of the work.

What to Write in the Introduction of the Essay?

This part most often begins with a brief overview of the issue under study: give information about the state of the problem in the modern world, the prospects for its study, and prehistory.

The introduction of the essay should describe:

  • Relevance – why the topic touched upon is of interest, what caused the reason for conducting scientific work in this direction, what is the importance of the research.
  • Objective – briefly articulate the final result that is to be achieved. Formally, the goal is a slightly differently stated topic of the essay, with the verbs that determine the direction of the research: to study, to identify, to consider… 
  • Tasks – a detailed formulation of the main stages of work to be undertaken to achieve the final result. 

The main task of the introduction – is to convince the reader that the question under study is of interest and has a certain practical significance, and the author’s work contains elements of novelty.

How to Write a Conclusion in an Essay?

The conclusion of an essay usually consists of a summarizing paragraph and conclusions made based on the goals and objectives of the research. This is the most important part of the paper, summarizing all the material presented before. The conclusions should be summarized in your own words, not by direct quotations from the previous text. The wording should include a rationale for the judgments made in the work. 

What to Write in the Conclusion?

The concluding section should not contain any new information. Conclusion – summarizing the information set out in the work. In order not to move away from the researched topics, when writing should be guided by the tasks set in the introduction to the work. If the issue under consideration is relevant and interesting to the author, you can note your attitude to the problem as a whole. You can also include a few short sentences and prospects for further research in a given direction in the conclusion.

How to Draw Conclusions?

To write conclusions in an essay, you need to carefully reread its main part, and highlight the main idea of each section. Conclusions should not duplicate each other formally and even more so in meaning. It should adhere to the scientific style of presentation, not use personal pronouns, and strive to accurately convey the essence of research.

Requirements for the conclusions of the essay: 

  • There should be a clear correlation with the stated goals and objectives of the study; 
  • References are allowed only to the sources cited in the work, or to own conclusions; 
  • Unambiguous wording. 

Each of the conclusions should be based on the information of the main part of the work.

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