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How to Get Water in Sons of the Forest? [Updated in 2023]

Do you know how to get water in Sons of the Forest? In Sons of the Forest, water is essential and can be collected from the environment or kept in jugs. Dehydration can be avoided or at least mitigated by staying hydrated, although there are limitations to this strategy.

Once you know where to look, finding water in the Sons of the Forest is not hard. No sign points to the water containers, but if you know where to look, you won’t have any trouble finding them. The next section will explain where to find and store water in Sons of the Forest for future usage.

How to Get Water in Sons of the Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, you can collect water in a few different ways:

  • You may simply go to any nearby stream or lake and push the button to start drinking.
  • Consuming organic foods, such as yarrow.
  • Take sips from the water bottle.

The small drop icon on your map represents your character’s thirst meter, and selecting one of these alternatives will refill it. Lack of water can negatively influence your personality, and thirst is directly tied to your energy levels. Below, we’ll break down how each of these processes works.

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Where to Find Water in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest’s streams and lakes can be used as a water supply, but beware that some water sources are contaminated. In-game or otherwise, ingesting salt water is bad because it can seriously affect your health. You may quickly locate water in the game by pulling out your GPS device and aiming for the blue zone. To find clean water that won’t make you sick, you should seek out blue lines, which indicate the presence of streams.

You can drink by standing in the water, aiming your camera at the water, and pressing the E key when the water drop icon appears. In this way, your character can replenish his fluids and return to normal functioning.

Yarrow and Foods that Restore Water

The yarrow in Sons of the Forest appears as a cluster of white blooms and, when consumed, helps restore some of your lost water. Some others may be included in subsequent revisions. Culinary items that share comparable qualities. If you find one yarrow plant in a woody location, chances are good that many are nearby. In a pinch, drinking it can help you replenish your fluids quickly.

Where to Find the Flask/Water Catcher

A flask or water collector stores water for later use at Sons of the Forest. The GPS coordinates for this location indicate that it can be found by traveling southeast of the initial helicopter crash site. A plant-covered electric cart and an underground stone staircase can be found in that area. You can access a 3D printer by descending the stairs, traversing the gap, and continuing through the tunnel.

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The flask option may be found on the laptop next to the 3D printer, which can be used to print one. To begin printing, press E and be patient for a few seconds. The flask will be empty when you print it, but you may fill it from a river or other water source by equipping it and pressing E like you’re about to drink. After that, you can use the flask like any other container and simply refill it when it’s empty. Additional water containers can be printed via the printer.

Troubleshooting: Why Can’t I Drink Water?

You must be aware that you cannot consume water from a stream or any other source while holding an item or a weapon. Because you need both hands to be free to drink, you must press the G key (or whatever key you have set to unequip) to release whatever you hold. When you no longer need to use your hands, you can consume as much water as you like.



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