Sons of the Forest Shotgun: How to Get It Easily?

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This article is all about the Sons of the Forest shotgun. We will discuss every detail of it. Players in Sons of the Forest need to use the shovel to unearth the shotgun buried in the Northern Peninsula. The shotgun is a powerful weapon that can easily dispatch any foe that dares to cross its path. This article will explain where to find the Sons of the Forest shotgun, how to stock up on ammunition, and why it’s so effective.

How to Get the Sons of the Forest Shotgun?

sons of the forest shotgun finding

The Sons of the Forest shotgun can be found in a grave marked with a wooden cross in the northern peninsula. On the GPS, the Sons of the Forest used a purple exclamation point indicating the grave’s location. There are three exclamation points, but only one is on dry land (the others are in the water and close to a mountain). You’ll need a shovel to get to the Sons of the Forest grave site, but the shotgun’s devastating power makes the effort worthwhile.

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It is recommended that players use GPS to find the shotgun’s grave in Sons of the Forest because the grave is not very visible. However, the Sons of the Forest shovel is required to unearth the shotgun. It’s useless without it, so double-check that you have it before you go to your grave.

The Sons of the Forest codes for these items are linked in the manner described at the provided URL, so obtaining them is yet another option. The shotgun, shovel, and ammunition codes are listed below for those familiar with the procedure.

Shotgun: 358

Shotgun Rail: 346

363 slugs (shotgun shells)

Bullets for shotguns, or “buckshot,” count: 364

Pickaxe: 485

How to Get Shotgun Ammo in Sons of the Forest?

using shotgun in sons  of the forest

Finding shotgun shells after purchasing a shotgun can be difficult, especially if you don’t want to use the element above. The following lootable locations and in-game items will give you a better chance of filling your pockets with shells and buckshot, even though they are all in dangerous zones.

  • the cannibal camps
  • caves and human bunkers
  • containers

Shotgun shells can be collected from certain bins, but it’s not always easy to tell which ones will have them.

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How to Farm Sons of the Forest Shotgun Ammo?

Shotgun shells are infinitely obtainable in Sons of the Forest, thanks to the game’s respawn rules. Locate a storage unit holding shotgun shells, loot it, and save your game. You’ll find additional cartridges in the container when you go to reload. Repeat this process until you have enough weapons to fight effectively as an individual.

Transferring your weapon to Virginia, your partner in Sons of the Forest, who can use weapons without the need for ammo, is an option in case you find yourself in a situation where you run out of ammunition. If you cannot transfer the weapon to Virginia, another ally who is present and in a position to use it is another option.

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