18 Complete Sons of the Forest Crafting Recipes in 2023

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In Sons of the Forest, you can create new tools and weapons by combining items in your inventory with those in the world and following the blueprints you find. We have compiled all the known crafting recipes from the game, including the materials and steps required to complete them. All of the Sons of the Forest’s crafting recipes and some general survival advice are listed here.

All Sons of the Forest Crafting Recipes

All the known recipes for crafting in Sons of the Forest are listed below, along with the materials required for each. Unlike gathering materials and strategically placing them, crafting involves combining items already in your inventory.

Crafting basics in Sons of the Forest:

  • Stick (2), Utility Knife (1), and Adhesive Tape (1) make up a craft lance.
  • Bone armor: Bone x4, Rope x1, Adhesive tape x1;
  • Healthy Blend: Yarrow (1x), Aloe Vera (1x).
  • You will need one vodka bottle and one piece of cloth for each Molotov cocktail.

Sons of the Forest Crafting Recipes

Bone armor: Bone x4, Rope x1, and Duct Tape x1. Offers safety to the user by preventing harm from occurring while in use.

Canned food: Canned food x1 (unopened), can opener x1, Food supply.

Cat Food: Cat food x1 (unopened), can opener x1

Chainsaw: Chainsaw x1, Battery x1. A melee weapon, it can be used to chop down trees. You’ll need to track down this formula in-game to reload the chainsaw manually.

Manufactured bow: Stick x2, rope x1, adhesive tape x1. Long-ranged firearm (fires stone arrows).

Craftable resources: Stick x1, Rope x1, Skull x1. A close-combat weapon with a wide swinging attack animation.

Manufactured spear: Stick x2, Utility Knife x1, Duct Tape x1. A throwing weapon that can also be used as a melee weapon.

Lantern: Flashlight x1, battery x1. A focused beam of intense illumination. To manually recharge the lantern, follow this recipe.

Recover your health: Yarrow x1, Aloe Vera x1. A food item that provides a moderate health boost when consumed.

Healing blend: Aloe Vera x1, Horsetail x1, Fireweed x1. A consumable with significant health-restoring effects.

Hide armor: Hide x2, Cloth x1. Provides safety for the user when in use.

Blade armor: Leaves x10, Cloth x1. When worn, it provides minimal defense against harm.

Molotov cocktails: Vodka Bottle x1, Cloth x1. An ignitable projectile that can be thrown at enemies.

Tools: Stick x1, Rope x1, Stone x1. The implement needed to fix up structures constructed by players.

Stone arrows: Small Stone x4, Stick x2, Feather x2. Ammunition for Artisanal Bow.

Technological armor: Tech Mesh x1, Cable x1, Circuit Board x1, Adhesive Tape x1, Batteries x1. Provides substantial defense against harm when used.

Time bomb: C4 Brick x1, Watch x1, Wire x1, Adhesive Tape x1, Coins x5, Circuit Board x1. The explosive device deals heavy damage to opponents.

Torch: Stick x1, cloth x1. Something bright that can be lit with a cigarette lighter.

How to Craft Items in Sons of the Forest?

Here are some guidelines to help you make the things for which you have recipes:

  1. To access your items, press the I key.
  2. You can “combine” items by selecting them and then right-clicking.
  3. The item you select will then be positioned dead center.
  4. A gear icon in the top right corner will become fully lit when the items in the selection can be combined into a single item.
  5. To join these components, select the gear icon.

Some of the results of the process can be eaten while others cannot, and the recipe determines this. A spear’s shaft, for instance, is fashioned from a stick, while the utility knife is used only to hone the spear’s point before being returned to stock.

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How to Learn New Crafting Recipes in Sons of the Forest?

Once players have gathered the required materials, they can learn the crafting recipes. After doing so, the recipe will be added to your game library without further action on your part. As a result, amassing all the resources discovered is a good idea for gaining access to additional recipes. After gathering the ingredients, you can begin preparing the dish.

How to Create Bases and Structures in Sons of the Forest?

The Guide, accessed via the B button, contains all the necessary base and structure crafting recipes, so you can get to work immediately. These structures are not constructed in the inventory but rather by the player interacting with, modifying, and breaking physical objects in the environment. It is common practice to place a frame around the intended location of an item and then fill it in as much as possible.

So, if you want to construct something for your outpost, you can open the book to the appropriate page and follow the instructions there. Then, construct it in the real world as described.

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