Security Lighting Tips For Your Home

No matter how safe your neighborhood may be, you can never be too careful with your home’s security. Gone are the days when you didn’t need to lock your doors. Nowadays, deadbolts and smart security systems are in demand more than ever, and even if you don’t want to set up an elaborate security detail around your house, simply installing security lighting can do wonders for your safety.

Security lighting refers to lighting fixtures are installed with the purpose of alerting or exposing any intruders or people intending to break into your house. This is available in the form of motion lights, outdoor flood lights, and many other options. You can find them readily in the market, and you can hire a reliable electrician in Vancouver to install them for you easily.

With that said, let’s have a look at some effective and helpful security lighting tips for your home.

Motion Lights Aren’t Always Useful

When you think about security lighting, your mind would instantly lead you to a motion detector light that instantly flashes when any person or animal enters into the defined perimeter of the light. Most people would tell you that motion lights are the only suitable solution that you need to protect your home, but that is not always true.

For a motion detector light to actually work, the intruder has to enter the perimeter. However, burglars and intruders have become experts are navigating their way around these lights, which means that they can actually trespass your property and reach an entry point to your home without triggering any of the lights.

That doesn’t mean motion lights aren’t useful at all. What’s better is to have a well-lit exterior of your home, so that it becomes incredibly difficult for any intruder or a person of malicious intent to even wander around your home.

Security Lighting Rings

The main purpose of security lighting is to scare off trespassers, which is why it is very important for you to ensure that each corner of your house is well-illuminated. Also, the lighting should extend far and wide, covering as much area as possible. This way, there will be no blind or dark spots that can be utilized by intruders to find an entry point into your house. You can even utilize outdoor floor lighting for this purpose, and you don’t necessarily need motion lights to do this. Not only does this add to the security, but it also adds a touch of beauty to your home.

Don’t Disturb the Neighbors

You have every right to protect the home as much as you want, and you can use any measure that you feel is necessary for this purpose. However, you also have to think about the neighbors and be more sensitive towards them. You may install a dozen outdoor flood lights, but they shouldn’t irritate your neighbors or shine too much light into their homes, as they can be disturbed by it. Therefore, keep your neighbors in mind when you are selecting security lighting for your home.

Utilize Multipurpose Lighting

You don’t need special security lighting or a motion detector light to keep your home safe. As mentioned above, a well-lit home exterior keeps intruders away and makes it difficult for them to break into your home. Therefore, you can also make use of multipurpose lighting to keep the exterior of your home illuminated. Not only will it serve the purpose of showing you the way, but it will also add to the security.

Light Up the Entry Points

As a homeowner, you should know of all the possible entry points inside your home, and we don’t mean the doors only. Intruders can make their way in your home through the doors, windows, or any other openings. Therefore, make it a point to protect all the entryways by lighting them up properly. If you think you can do better by installing motion detector lights, make sure to illuminate your entry points with these. This will hinder trespassers from trying to break into your house.

This brings us to the end of our guide on security lighting. Whenever you want to install security lighting in your home, you will need a professional electrician in Vancouver to install the lighting fixtures for you, since they need to be installed properly to work perfectly. Moreover, the best way to hire an electrician is by getting in touch with a reputed electrical services agency, such as Kato electrical, which has many years of experience in the field and know their way around motion lights and other security lighting options.


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