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3 Possible Hogwarts Legacy Multiple Endings: The Explanation

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Within its plot, Hogwarts Legacy features three distinct endings. Two of them correspond to the end of the story, while the third is a secret ending that is considered the “true” ending. Next, what must be done to access each of them will be detailed. We will discuss the Hogwarts Legacy multiple endings.

Two possible conclusions can be reached in Hogwarts Legacy. However, they both lead to the same actual conclusion. No matter which of the three outcomes you choose, the actual ending will occur. After the same cutscenes play out after the game, you will wake in the bed in your Common Room and be able to resume free exploration to find and complete any remaining collectibles, quests, or other objectives you may have missed.

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Hogwarts Legacy Multiple Endings

The decisions you make throughout the game will not affect the endings you will have access to.

The ending choice is not determined until the final moment of the mission, “The Ultimate Warehouse,” which is the last story mission of the game.

In each game, you can only see one of the top two endings unless you do a manual recording before choosing and then watching the other.

To access the secret ending does not matter what decisions you have previously made or what end you have chosen between the two previous ones; You have to meet the requirements.

Story Endings: Good Ending and Bad Ending

When you near the end of “The Final Warehouse,” you will reach a point where professor fig will ask you to choose what to do with the power of ancient magic from the last repository. Right now, you have to choose between two different endings:

  • Good ending: choose to keep the power up.
  • Bad ending: Choose to release the power. What you choose after this decision does not matter. Note that the character death that occurs at the end is the same in both endings, and the final boss will be the same.

Therefore, this choice is more of a personal matter than a matter of relevance in the game.

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How to watch the secret ending

The extended or secret ending of Hogwarts Legacy requires a lot of effort. In short, you will be required to complete 100% of the game after finishing the plot and seeing one of the two previous endings. Once you complete the “The Final Warehouse” mission, it will take active “Weasley’s Watchful Eye.” When you complete it, you will be able to access “The cup of the houses,” where you will see the true ending, more appropriate to your character’s achievements.

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