Happy Birthday, EditorialGE!

Today is 30th October 2020. On the same day in 2019, EditorialGE started its journey as an English language-based website. Just as a baby learns to crawl and gradually becomes full of ideas one day, like this, the EditorialGE is on the path of enlightening people.

EditorialGE entered the world of media on 30 October 2019 and now it is only one year old. It has now crossed the borders of the country and has become very popular among the readers abroad.

On the occasion of EditorialGE’s first birthday, we greet the honorable viewers, readers, advertisers, well-wishers and people of all walks of life. We also thank all the people who have extended their continued cooperation in this one-year journey. Also, we expressed our gratitude to them for their encouragement.

We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to the eminent personalities of different quarters, and officials-employees who have cooperated with us in various ways wished us a happy birthday and gave us advice. Today, on this birthday, we remember with due respect the esteemed viewers, readers, advertisers, and well-wishers. Gratitude to them.

Today, on the way from one year to two, those who have worked tirelessly are members of our family, the EditorialGE team. This has come so far today because of their tireless work.

From the beginning of this journey, the online portal has tried to present entertainment, sports news, foreign news, and all the news with authentic sources. Our news team is working tirelessly trying to provide the truth objectively and accurately.

We hope that your cooperation and valuable advice will be with us in the coming days. So, stay tuned!

Happy birthday, EditorialGE!

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