9 Tips to Grow Your Brand Using Instagram

If you are a brand looking to build a powerful online presence then your digital marketing strategy is incomplete with Instagram. It is one of the most widely used networking sites and has a lot of potential to gain a wider reach. 

However, with new marketers entering Instagram daily, the competition on this platform has also increased. To build a strong presence on this social networking site you can either buy real Instagram followers or learn some expert marketing tips and boost up brand awareness without spending any money. 

You simply can’t ignore the significance of Instagram as it can become a marketing goldmine for your business if used correctly. That’s why we are here with a compiled list of 9 tips to grow your brand using Instagram. 

So, let’s get started!

Change Your Normal Profile into a Business Profile

The first and foremost step to grow your brand on Instagram is to make sure that you are using an Instagram business account. If you are not then switch your normal profile into a business profile to leverage extra features offered by Instagram. 

There are various benefits of using a business profile. You can use CTA buttons, gain extra reach using the Instagram ads feature, trach metrics using Instagram analytics tools, and much more. Just go to settings, switch to a business profile, and enjoy these extra benefits. 

Create an Amazing Content Strategy

Content is the most important part of your Instagram marketing process. So, to gain a wider reach on this platform you need to have a mind-blowing content strategy. 

There are few things you should keep in mind while creating a content strategy for your Instagram. Be consistent with your content, users with a regular posting schedule tend to receive more engagements. Use Instagram scheduling tools to queue your posts in advance, this will help you stay active on Instagram. Choose specific themes and use highly optimized content to improve your rankings in your followers’ feed. 

Leverage Free Marketing Tools Provided by Instagram

Instagram business profile offers free marketing tools to create an effective marketing strategy. For instance, Instagram insights provide data related to the content you are posting. You can easily view the impressions, engagements, and much more using Instagram analytics tools.

It also provides information about your followers like their age, gender, location. So that you can customize your content accordingly. You can also figure out your account’s most active hours using these free tools. The more you know about your audience, the better you have chances to create relevant content and boost your engagement. 

Revamp Your Instagram Profile

Your Instagram profile makes the first impression of your brand in front of the audience. So, make sure it is highly optimized to win over potential followers. Write a mind-blowing Instagram bio that accurately reflects your brand’s personality. People should understand what your business is about after reading your bio. 

Add relevant links, call-to-action-buttons, and contact information to make the most out of your Instagram bio. Choose a search-friendly username and a highly optimized profile picture to attract more audiences. Also, remember to keep your username and profile image consistent on every social media platform to build powerful brand recognition. 

Get Inspired from Top Industry-Related Profiles

To start with your Instagram marketing journey, it is a good idea to analyze the Instagram profiles of top marketers in your industry. You should follow them and see what’s working for them, this way you can develop an amazing marketing strategy for your brand. 

What type of content they are posting, how they optimized their profiles, which keywords they are using to gain more audience. You can learn a lot from their work and then apply some of their strategies to your content. 

You can also interact with these accounts and increase your engagements on Instagram. The more you interact with other users, the more your content will rank higher. That’s how the Instagram algorithm works. 

Create Content Mix to Gain Wider Reach

Instagram is constantly rolling out new features to showcase your content. Make the most out of every feature and gain thousands of followers. If you want to attract followers then diversify your content format. Choose a combination of content formats like photos, reels, IGTV, and stories. 

With a content mix you will be able to attract more real Instagram followers, just make sure you post content relevant to your niche. A balance between all formats is necessary in order to create the perfect content marketing strategy. 

Use Highly Optimized Hashtags

Hashtags are an essential element of an Instagram marketing strategy. If you are not using them then you are missing out on a lot of engagement. The first thing to keep in mind while using a hashtag is that it should be relevant to your niche. 

To get a list of relevant hashtags just search one hashtag related to your content, you will find various popular hashtags associated with it. If you add irrelevant or common hashtags, then your post can look spammy. Use unique hashtags to get much need traction on Instagram. 

Write Captivating Post Captions 

Merely posting pictures is not enough, you need to write powerful post descriptions to gain significant growth on Instagram. Look at all the top influencers, not a single post from them is without a caption. This shows that the caption is an integral part of your post. 

Make your captions as engaging as possible, ask questions at the end and encourage your followers to reply. This will lead to an increased engagement rate ultimately improving your post’s rank on Instagram. You can also use different emojis to make your captions look more appealing. 

Make Sure to Track Your Progress

As mentioned above, using a business profile gives users access to Instagram analytics tools. Make sure you use this tool to see what’s working for your profile and which areas need improvement. Instagram Insights will give you a clear understanding of your source of traffic, and how people are engaging with the content. 

You get to know the popularity of your content, any increase in your Instagram following, your reach on this platform, total engagements on a post, how different content formats are performing, followers demographics, and much more. Analyze and improve your Instagram marketing strategy with these tools.

Apply these tips to your marketing strategy and you are ready to grow and stand out from the crowd of millions. These tips will help you gain wider reach on Instagram just make sure you post relevant content at your most engaging hours. 

So, stop waiting and incorporate these amazing tips right away!

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