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ERP Systems for Accounting – Yes or No?

The term “ERP” is very broad and the market is very diverse. Have you ever tried to find a suitable ERP System for your company? Yes? Then you understand that this task is challenging.

There are many criteria that should help you to find suitable ERP software. One of them is integrated accounting. Today you can find many solutions with or without the integration of accounting software. And you often have to invest a lot of time to choose a suitable system. It is not an easy task that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. Therefore, many companies ask themselves the question: “Braucht mein Business wirklich ein ERP Software für die Buchhaltung?”

To find answers to your questions, we will show you various solutions in the field of accounting.

Accounting software tasks

The first thing that comes to mind is of course selling, buying, and tracking the movement of your goods. But not only. Rent, insurance, and internet can also be recorded. All payment transactions with customers, reporting, reminders, and returns – all of these processes are closely linked to accounting.

At first glance, this process seems extremely complicated. But not every company needs special ERP software, for many small companies there is often no reason to integrate financial management into the ERP system.

Non-integrated accounting deals only with purchases and sales. Invoices are usually handed over to the person in charge who is responsible for paying taxes accordingly.

However, one must not forget that sometimes your staff can be very expensive for the company. And the human factor plays a big role because mistakes in accounting also cost a lot.

Integrated accounting and its advantages

Many companies prefer accounting software that is already integrated into the ERP system. The biggest advantage is that sound cost accounting is possible in this case. All data is already available in the Runple ERP System.

Purchases and sales are also automatically integrated into your system. Your customers and suppliers can be set up in such a way that everything is booked correctly, error-free, and automatically. Official reports are integrated directly into accounting and you can create these documents there.

Thanks to this integration, all data is updated and validated in real-time. This means there is almost no risk of making mistakes.

More efficient process handling: Less routine and more free time

One can spend a lot of time on accounting to collect and manage all invoices, and receipts. Accounting software helps you to automate a large part of the necessary work steps.

This can shift the focus of your accounting department. Many routine tasks can be performed by the ERP system. In this case, your accounting colleagues will have more time to deal with interesting and complex processes. In other words, you save hours of work for your staff.

An ERP system is responsible for a very important task: everything must be correct. At the same time, an ERP system helps your company reduce manual work.

This means that in many unforeseen situations you are always in control.

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