6 Common E-Bike Problems and How to Fix Them?

Owning an e-bike is exhilarating due to its fast speed and exerts less pressure on your muscles and heart as you don’t need much effort when riding. However, it’s challenging to maintain an e-bike in good working conditions, especially for new owners, as many are yet to get a deep understanding of its components.

Fortunately, some problems encountered with an E-bike can be solved with little intervention as few people live near an e-bike repair shop. This article explains how to troubleshoot common electric bike problems and how to fix them.

6 Common E-Bike Problems and How to Fix Them

If you own one of the best electric bikes for adults, these are some of the problems you may face and how to fix them.

Electric Bike Battery Problems

If you switch on your bike, and it fails to start or keeps turning itself on and off, then the problem could be due to a defective or dead battery. Therefore, you should know everything about your electric bike and conduct the following checks.

  • Check the Voltage

You first need to check your battery voltage by checking if the LED panel and e-bike light up; if they don’t, it could be due to insufficient charge, a blown fuse, or a damaged battery.

To check the voltage, take a voltmeter and attach the clips to the positive and negative sides of the battery accordingly. Alternatively, you can connect the voltmeter directly to the battery’s charging connector to get a fast reading.

  • If the battery has no charge, charge it for at least 8 hours. You must never charge an e-bike battery for more than 12 hours as you risk damaging it by overcharging
  • If you notice that the battery power dies quickly, you can replace them
  • If you have stayed for long without using your e-bike and the moment you start using it, the battery dies quickly, thus you must replace it
  • Battery Charger

You might have left your e-bike battery charging, but upon switching on your bike, it doesn’t start. The problem could be that your charger is damaged. You can test whether it’s working using a voltmeter or a multimeter. The test results must be higher than the actual battery voltage, but the battery is defective if it appears to be lower.

  • You should buy a new charger and have it tested before leaving the e-bike shop.
  • Battery Pins

If the battery prongs are not well-connected, they cannot discharge power as the electric circuit is incomplete.

  • You can realign the prongs using a wrench.
  • Charging Port

Check the battery charging port and ensure it’s working correctly. The ports work properly if the indicator light illuminates when the charger is connected to the battery.

You can also check by attaching a voltmeter and ensuring that the voltage reading is similar to the batteries.

  • Check Battery Management System

Your battery management system is responsible for protecting your bike. So, if you notice that your e-bike keeps shutting off, it’s an indication that the system is trying to save your battery pack from overheating due to overload or prevent it from draining past the safe levels.

You might damage your battery pack when the voltage descends at the recommended levels. And the majority of voltage drops are due to the age of the batteries, incomplete charging, a manufacturing defect, or improper battery maintenance.


  • Always watch out for these power cuts and work to have them solved promptly to prevent damage to your precious bike.
  • When replacing e-bike batteries, buy from reputable sellers and avoid fake & cheap products.
  • Every few years, you must replace the battery
  • Pack an extra pack of batteries when going for long rides

The Brake Motor Inhibitor Problem

The brake motor inhibitor is located at the handlebars. If you get into an accident and the handlebars get damaged, your brakes will likely have an impact. When your brake motor is faulty, you cannot operate your e-bike as it shuts off and doesn’t turn on.

Your brakes may stop working if the brake pads are worn out, cables are loose, or the brakes are jammed.


  • You might end up causing more damage to your e-bike if you attempt to fix the brake motor inhibitor. Experts recommend taking your bike to an electric bike service shop to have them repair, replace the brake pads, clean, and lubricate all the essential parts.

The Controller Problem

Your e-bike could have issues with the controller if the wheel stops moving or gets stuck when you try cycling. This could be due to loose or unglued magnets. Or the wires connecting the wheels to the axle are melted or destroyed.

  • Dismantle the hub and use a steel bar to check whether the magnets are moved or unglued, fix them or replace them.
  • If the wires are melted or damaged, have them removed and replaced with new cables. Then run some tests to ensure your controller is working correctly.

The Throttle Problem

If you start feeling too much resistance or your bike does not accelerate, the throttle could be having a problem. Check to see whether the wires linking the throttle and connector are okay. You can also check for burn marks or a burning smell.


  • The throttle is linked to the connector and the bike using three wires (red, green, and black). Check and replace any damaged cables.
  • If you get a burning smell, take your bike to an electric bike service shop and have it checked and fixed.

The Pedal Assist Problem

The pedal assist system varies from bike to bike as some have them built on the bottom brackets, and others are built around the front sprocket chainring and appear as a ring of magnets.

The problem with pedal assist comes if you’ve recently had an adjustment done on your wheels, derailleurs, or sprockets and the mechanic did not align them properly, such that the sensors are unaligned and the magnets are knocked out of place.


  • Have the e-bike mechanic realign and reconnect the sensors.
  • If the magnets are out of place, have them fixed and screwed in place using a screwdriver.

Wiring and Connection Problem

Overall, your e-bike won’t function properly if the wiring system is faulty, so the power cannot be transmitted through the cables. This mostly happens if the bike stays for long without use, overuse, or an accident.


  • Inspect all the wires and replace the damaged ones.

Final Thoughts

E-bikes are the new in-things for cyclists as they have better speed and do not require the cyclist to exert much effort, especially when riding uphill. However, e-bikes are prone to mechanical issues, some of which you can easily fix, while experts best repair others.

If your e-bike stops working, it could be any of the issues discussed in this article, so first troubleshoot and see if you can fix it before visiting an electric bike service shop.

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