Do You Know the Difference Between a Staffing and Temp Agency?

A lot of ads about staffing and temp agencies might have popped up due to your job searches. Learn the difference and choose the right one for yourself.

Are you also looking for a job?? During all this research, you might have come across several agencies. Some of them might be staffing agencies, while others might be temp agencies.

Look!, securing a job is upon your dedication. However, providing differences between the two agencies is where I come in. This knowledge will help you choose the right type of hiring agency for yourself.

The Nature of Temporary Work Is Different:

Yes! They both offer temporary work but in different ways. The temporary work offered through an agency is short-term. It may last from one day to a week. The offered jobs are from the industrial sector who require extra during peak production. Entry-level jobs are offered.

Staffing agencies, on the other hand, offer a variety of work. Long-term work is offered in many sectors. The hiring is done through four different methods—the Temporary hire, which usually is short-term. Employees have a trial period of 90 days under the temp-to-hire method. A contract is used for specific lasting for a fixed time period. Employees may directly hire the employee. Staffing can also offer long-term work.

Make Do Vs The Perfect Thing:

Sometimes we have to make do with some of our old clothes or shoes. This exactly is the case with temp agencies. A temp agency just looks for people who can just do the job and are available immediately. The reason behind this is their client’s requirements. Clients want to urgently fill the position.

If we speak of a staffing agency, they are the opposite. In a staffing agency, an employee is thoroughly scanned before selection. The emphasis lies upon the qualification and the employees to grow in the future.

Lengthy interviews are conducted to ensure that the employee knows his game. A staffing agency ensures that both the employee and employer and in for long-term benefit. The employer is satisfied while the employee can grow.

The Service Costs Are Different:

Since both the agencies offer different kinds of services, their charges vary too. These agencies charge you on a markup. The markup is added to the hourly pay the hired employee earns. Sometimes an annual fee is charged if an employee is made permanent. The agency may charge fees during hiring formalities.

Staffing agencies provide long-term employees. Therefore, one-time charges are there. Employers incur these once an employee has been successfully hired. Some other charges might be implemented during the hiring process.

The Scope of Work Offered Is Different:

Temporary is usually confined to the manufacturing Industries. For instance, a building might require some helper during the holidays season. A donut supplier might need an extra set of hands during winter.

However, Staffing agencies are capable of offering a variety of work. The work position can be entry-level or a specific level job. All positions are offered in fields like IT, Accounts, etc. Not to forget that it is long-term that we are talking about.

Time-Consuming Vs Really Quick:

The process to provide temporary work is easy. Any temp agency only needs to make sure that their shortlisted employee is just capable of doing the job. If the employee gives the assurity, boom, an employer gets an employee.

A staffing agency offers long-term work. Not only this, but it ensures a positive experience for the employer and the employee. To achieve this, the staffing agency has to go through an extensive process. The process consumes time; hence the job fulfillment is delayed.

Okay, you are aware of the difference between the two. Now what to choose for yourself. Before you make a decision, reflect!. Are you looking for a short and temporary job or a long permanent one? Once the questionnaire is complete, then you may proceed to associate with an agency.

I hope this article is informative. It will prove to be an aid for all the people seeking a job. 

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