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Debunking Myths Regarding the Profession of Law

Profession of Law

Whenever you see black coats, you think of them as a super-aggressive nerd with the least acceptability to anyone’s ideas and beliefs. Law students are perceived as library inhabitants with no social life. 

However, you will be surprised to know that law schools offer a real open environment and holistic education. They give students a chance to prove their skills globally beyond the constrained walls of the classroom.

If you are looking into this profession, you must have heard many commotions about this profession’s negativities. Every student embarking its journey in law arrives at university with a lot of enthusiasm and fanaticizes a lot about his job. However, all of the morals fail when he hears such things. Believe me, all of this is from an irrelevant person.

Let me debunk the most popular myths about the profession after being into it for more than seven years.

You can never make your name-there; way too much competition:

Like all other professions, you need to invest the best of your skills into it. The harder you strive, the better opportunities you will explore. Its never way too much competition, leaving you no chance to pursue your carrier in it. In a law school, you learn how to control emotions and construct a whole new palace from your failure’s fallen bricks.

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You are no longer that emotional freak crying over losing a single project or so on. Yeah, that’s for sure; you need to work hard from the very beginning.

A 2:1 degree is not a joke! Then you will work on getting training contracts or securing pupilage. However, that’s all who go with the flow. There always some promising opportunities and proper guidance for you. You need to take the very step for yourself without any reluctance. That’s what law is all about!

Online pre-law programs are there to help you know a lot more about this profession. Moreover, it will equip you with all the essential skills you will need in this profession and how to get a law school seat. 

It would help if you struggled a bit to secure a good position in your profession. However, believe me, if you are diligent, you will never regret it!

You will ultimately appreciate your whole journey from the point of getting into law school to standing in front of bars in respected Court. Its never the rigor of game anymore, not a hollow thing you can get through quickly. It was a truly fulfilling experience for me, and the same will be for you!

You Never Have Fun!

After reading the above section, you must be sure about another thing you heard a lot. “Hey, don’t enter there. You can’t spare any time for fun activities and your hobbies anymore. You will need to study 24/7.”

No, no, no. We law professionals and students have as much fun as any other student! Yeah, we go to libraries and spend long hours studying to ace any course subject. You must have also seen many university libraries packed with law students continuously worrying about their seminars, exams, and course work. I accept law school demands a lot of work and dedication towards your profession. However, that’s not all!

We all have a huge social circle and go into different parties from time to time. We are always in the same club as all other professionals go. Yeah, we are this much cool! We will be spending a whole night out with our fellows and friends singing and dancing all night and return to the chamber at sharp 9 am!

Yeah, we are a multitasker. You got it right.

It’s all about boys!

You must have heard that it’s a male profession, and mostly enrolled students are also male. Moreover, all the persons holding senior judicial posts are also male. There are not many chances for a female to grow much!

However, according to the recent Law Society figures, three-quarters of students entering law school are females. 

Moreover, in Court, hundreds of female lawyers give a tough time to their male colleagues. So, this profession offers equal opportunities for both genders.

Law Students always argue:

Another compelling image is that they are only taught how to argue. Everyone has the right impression of arguing eloquently in front of Lord Justice in black robes and an elegant wig. This, not all that they do!

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A small number of cases, especially those of national and international levels, need this much heavy lifting. Lawyers are taught to get clues, listen to their clients, and prove their righteousness in front of the Court. In most cases, they use arbitration and mediation to find legal solutions to common issues outside the Court. This solution is a lot cost-effective and also consumes less time.


Lawyers are much more than a book worm. Their life has much more dynamics than any other professional. However, they are usually perceived as personnel dressed in dark robes uttering complicated jargon. You must be having a lot of fun if you have a law student as a roommate. You will always be getting some legal warnings on your randomness and laundry.

These people are so lovable, intricate, and interesting that you will ultimately fall in love with them in no time. Don’t put ears on the most famous myths about lawyers. You need to know a lot more when you embark on your journey in this versatile profession. Gird up your loin to make a lot of effort to get your goal. Your bright future is waiting ahead.

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