Types of Offshore Injuries

Offshore tasks are physically demanding and dangerous, and serious injuries occur frequently. Offshore injuries include head injuries, back injuries, burns, loss of limbs, crush injuries, fractures, and electric shock. Sometimes these injuries can even be fatal.

Suppose you or a family member has suffered a serious injury on the high seas due to the fault or negligence of other person. In that case, you may have a legal right to receive financial compensation for your injuries. Because offshore work involves risks, the law offers many workers in the maritime sector, including oil rig workers, special legal protection in accidents and serious injuries. An experienced offshore accident lawyer from Zehl & Associates can evaluate your accident and advise you on your free legal options.


Here are some frequent offshore injuries:

Head Injuries – A sudden falling equipment can cause traumatic brain injury, ranging from a mild concussion to permanent disability. A traumatic brain injury can negatively affect your ability to earn a living and provide for your family.

Back Injuries: Lifting heavy loads and hard work aboard a ship or an oil rig can cause serious back injuries, requiring back surgery. Falls from unprotected walkways or uneven stairs can cause back injuries, including spinal cord injuries and nerve injuries.

Burns – Malfunctioning safety equipment, accumulating flammable vapors in unventilated spaces, accidents while welding and loss of good control can cause explosions and fires and result in severe burns. Human error and negligence are often causing serious burn injuries. A burn injury can cause disfigurement, require extensive plastic surgery, and lead to permanent disability. Workers are often prevented from doing their job for months after a serious burn injury.

Loss of a Limb – Loss of a limb is a devastating, life-changing injury. Many maritime accidents involving the amputation of an arm, leg, hand, foot or finger, involve tension cables or mooring lines. A worker’s hand can get caught in the line as it is threaded onto a winch drum. A sailor’s leg can get trapped, crushed between two barges. Losing a limb often requires a prosthesis and professional rehabilitation.

Deaths: Each year, maritime workers are killed in falls, electrocutions, explosions, and other accidents caused by negligence on maritime employers. The offshore injury attorneys at Zehl & Associates know what points to consider in identifying an employer’s negligence and building a compelling case to secure full compensation for the victim’s family. If you have lost a loved one in the maritime or oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico through others’ negligence, you can seek legal guidance. We handle High Seas Death Law claims and wrongful death claims and claims under the Jones Law.


Having an experienced and committed attorney by your side as you seek fair compensation for your offshore injury claim can dramatically improve the outcome. If you want to learn more about your legal rights in the event of a maritime injury, take advantage of our free consultation. You will learn what benefits are right for you, and how our firm can help you obtain them.

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