5 Craft Activities to Try this Winter 2021

Temperature is dropping and we have to plan and do some measures for the winters. When you are stuck in your home due to the bad weather and you can’t take any more time to plop down on your sofa watching TV. What do you have to do? Don’t worry we have made it easy for you. 

What about a craft project? and it will surely be fun to be displayed when complete. Even if you are not good at crafting, we have some easy and unique ideas. All the things you will find easily in your homes you can buy for a few dollars from a craft store or online shop. So it’s time to cozy up with some snacks and a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy these easy crafts. 

1. Paint by numbers 

Adult paint by numbers is a great craft activity for anyone who loves to paint and to be good at it. You just have to paint the numbers with the right colors to discover a beautiful design. You can create beautiful decorations for your home. You can make paint by numbers for your friend as a Christmas gift. 

To get excellent results you can choose Winnie’s paint by numbers kit, there will be all the essentials you need to get you started. A Winnie’s paint by numbers kit contains a set of paintbrushes, a color map, acrylic paints, and a canvas.

People love to do this activity because it does not need any experience and everyone can do it easily. Follow the lines and paint inside defined zones, the more you get into your painting the harder you can choose your painting to become. 

It is very interesting to paint by numbers. You just have to paint a canvas with the image that you want by using acrylic paints. If you have never used acrylic paint before then don’t worry it is very versatile. You can easily play with its consistency like watercolor or you can apply thick paint to create texture just like oils. 

2. Cooking 

Try different recipes this winter to make handmade gifts or for party planning. Approach your oven and bake your favorite holiday treats. As we all love to take a cup of hot chocolate, the idea of making homemade hot chocolate on a stick is very unique for your kids or friends. 

All you need to do is to melt the chocolate in an oven and add sugar and cocoa to the melted chocolate and mix properly. Then transfer the material to mold. You can use a zip lock bag to pipe the chocolate into the mold. Tap the mold to let the chocolate set and then add your stick into the mold.

You can use this hot chocolate on a stick to give to someone or to serve at a kid’s party. or you can just take a stick and stir it in hot milk. What about the idea of edible wishing cards? Make your sweet greetings and decorate them by using a food-safe pen. 

3. Sewing 

By sewing, you can make DIY winter decorations,  hats, scarves, and many more. You can sew water bottle cozy, homeopathic hand formers, coffee cup sleeves, coffee mug rug, and many more homemade things. Sewing with winter fabric is a short way to stay warm and cozy. 

If you are looking for full pants in a thick insulated warm fabric then you can buy the fabric and sew your paints, it would be more budget-friendly. But you must know the basics of sewing first. You can join a sewing class or take help from the internet. Sewing helps you to develop fine motor skills, improves your concentration and focus, and teaches you the importance of patience and self-control. Check best macrame supplies company.

4. Knitting 

Knitting is a cozy winter craft and is a great activity when you are on a road trip or when spending time in waiting rooms. In addition to being funny and creative, knitting also provides many health benefits as it reduces stress and jump-starts literacy. Studies have shown that knitting can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Finger knitting is very fun to do, in the start you have to learn some basic things about knitting you can learn it easily from a class or a tutorial. and then when you can do more then you will easily find many knitting designs on the internet or you can invent your designs.

You can make headscarves, necklaces, baskets, bracelets, headbands, door curtains, and many more things using finger knitting. 

5. Home decor crafts 

Winter is perfect to enjoy fresh citrus fruits, and its elegant wreath is a wonderful wall hanging craft. The alluring aroma of fresh fruit will welcome your friends and family home for the holidays. All you need is to trim snip and bind greens by using binding wires. Then bind a bundle of greens in the wireframe in such a way that they overlap slightly and then secure the binding wire on the back of the frame. 

You can make different designs on your fruit by using cloves and then attaching the fruit at a 90 degrees angle. Thread a gauge wire through two kumquats and bend it below the kumquats. Attach the fruit to the wireframe. 

Make a glittery mason snow globe during the holidays this year. It is a great winter craft to make if you are not going to enjoy a white Christmas where you live. It is calming for a kid to watch the globe until the snow settles in the meantime they settle down as well. 

All you need is first hot gluing parts of your mason jar lid ( the ring and the insert). You can make a base by using the bottom of a fruit cap if you want to set your tree a little higher. Now attach your tree and other mediators by using hot glue to the base you created on the lid. 

Then pour glue into the jar and then add your glitter into it. Then fill the jar with warm water and flip the lid over. Flip the jar and shake gently to combine the glitter glue and water and now you have an adorable mason glitter snow globe. 


It is difficult to pass the time on a bad weather day when you are stuck at home. You can try different craft activities which not only provide you a way to feel creative and calming. The satisfaction you feel after completing your craft project is worthless. 

You can paint by numbers a beautiful winter scene or you can custom your photo to painting by numbers by using Winnie’s paint by numbers kit and hanging it on the wall of your hallway. It is fascinating to give a homemade knitted scarf or gloves to your friend. You can try cooking craft ideas to make different food products like edible wishing cards.  

If you know some sewing basics you must have to sew your winter clothes. It could be a budget-friendly activity. You can invest your time in creating different home decor products like a wreath or a mason snow jar. 

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