Tricks to Keep Your Home Warm Without Heater in Winter

How to keep your home warm in winter season: with the price of electricity going through the roof, here are some tips to face the cold with minimal energy consumption.

In the middle of winter heating is more necessary than ever. However, not all households have the purchasing power necessary to face this increase in the electricity bill. Also, we must not forget that the price of electricity has suffered one of the most marked increases in recent years, which has caused a wave of protests from both citizens and opposition parties. 

Sails: triple advantage

The oldest trick in the world is obvious: candles. In addition to creating a most pleasant atmosphere thanks to the yellowish light they give off, they are a source of heat. Not to mention that today you can find thousands of fragrances, it could be said that everyone can find a candle with their ideal scent. It is a triple point: heat, light and smell and with zero euros of spending on the electricity bill.

Ventilate through spaces

In times of Coronavirus, it is also essential to ventilate, but there are methods to do so without causing the ambient temperature to drop drastically. The first is to do it when the sun shines through the window. Another very useful one is to ventilate in parts, since five minutes is enough. If this is done, it is important to close the doors of the room with the windows open.

Carpet, rugs and pictures

A small gesture that involves an outlay — more or less large, because there are options for all budgets that becomes profitable in the medium term is to place rugs at home. In addition to the fact that it is not the same to put bare feet on the floor than on a soft carpet , they are a perfect thermal insulator. Not to mention that aesthetically they help make your home more welcoming. For those who want to go a step further, and oddly enough, carpets still exist. For something they are common in the coldest countries of northern Europe.

Closely related to this is the fact that heat also ‘escapes’ through the walls. Or, rather the cold seeps in from the outside. Placing wallpaper makes the walls not icy to the touch and even helps to combat condensation and humidity, two factors that contribute to a decrease in the thermal sensation. Those looking for a quicker and cheaper ‘remedy’ can always opt for shelves full of books or pictures.


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