Chinese Space Capsule with Moon Rocks on Way Back to Earth

China’s Chang’e 5 spacecraft with 2 kilogrammes of moon rocks began its journey back to the Earth Sunday. The moon rocks will be the first in more than four decades since the Soviet Union’s Luna 24 probe in 1976.

The Chinese National Space Administration said in a social media post that Chang’e 5 capsules have embarked on a three-day journey from the moon to Earth. The moon’s orbit takes about 22 minutes, reports AP

Earlier this month, the spacecraft landed in the moon’s Mons Rumker, an area believed to have been the site of ancient volcanic activity. Chang’e 5 collected two kg of rock samples from there.

The capsule will land in the northern part of China after it is separated from the rest of its lunar vehicle. The rocks are collected by drilling and picking up directly on the surface of the moon.

China has set up a laboratory to analyze the age and material of the samples. Some samples are expected to be given to Other Countries by China. This is what the United States and the Soviet Union did when the moon samples were brought to Earth.


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