What Does a Body Corporate Manager Do?

Also called the strata manager, the body corporate manager is appointed by the owners or otherwise body corporate to manage the property on their behalf. Generally, the interests of the body corporate management are aligned with that of the owners. The manager can provide professional advice and guidance with a sound footing in legislation, property management, and industrial practices.

Functions of a body corporate management

Financial management

Managing the funds of a corporation can get very tricky without the essential expertise. A body corporate manager will go as far as advising on asset management and the following:

  • Maintain accounting books and prepare financial statements.
  • Attend to any banking needs.
  • Prepare detailed annual budgets and levies for approval.
  • Collect contributions.
  • Check the payment invoices, affirming authorization and they are in line with quotations.
  • Ensure diligence to due dates of amounts owing and owed by the corporation.

Administrative role

  • Attend to inquiries promptly.
  • Manage and keep records of the corporation.
  • Work with the committee to set dates for the AGM (Annual General Meeting) and committee meeting and prepare the agendas and minutes.
  • Maintain by-laws of the corporation.
  • Make arrangements for the repairs, maintenance, and replacements of common property if necessary.
  • Submit and follow up on insurance claims.
  • Arbitrate for conflicting interests between owners.

Secretarial functions

  • Maintain and update the strata roll, including names, addresses, and contact information.
  • Bring into effect the most competitive insurance packages and ascertain prompt renewals.
  • Prepare the owner’s corporation certificates.
  • Change and incorporate reasonable by-laws that promote the interests of the Owners Corporation.

Why choose A body corporate management?

A well-known and recognised body corporate management has a well-established reputation thanks to tailored and revolutionary solutions that ensure the best outcomes for their clients. Whether it’s a townhouse complex, a residential block, or a commercial property, there long list of multi-talented and skilled managers is up to the task. For certain, they always add value to every property.

Better yet, the management processes have been tested and proven to be effective, and then finally, they set the services to suit your needs. They also choose the ideal strata management based on factors such as location to ensure it is effective and addresses the specifications.

What are the company values?

  • Honesty

They stand high, taking pride in their accomplishments from a firm foundation of honesty in all their dealings. They speak nothing but the truth and act per this value as you would expect.

  • Quality

The company strive to deliver the best outcomes possible by measuring their efforts, as a result they are accountable to themselves and their client’s.

  • Curiosity

Most of these companies have had the opportunity to learn and grow due to their curious mindset. They are incredibly passionate about strata living and focus on ensuring that the clients enjoy a good experience.

  • Collaboration

They are focused on building good relationships as a team and with their clients to foster development and success.


A body of corporate management is an essential part of any Owners Corporation. Their value meets the corporate’s financial, secretarial, and administrative needs. The body corporate manager will cushion the property and run it smoothly to ensure its future. Owners can relax with the manager at work!


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