What is Temporary Car Insurance and Should I Get It?

Borrowing a car? Learning to drive or sharing the driving? There might be many reasons to check for temporary car insurance. But, does temporary car insurance exists? Major insurance companies don’t offer temporary auto insurance; however, you do have alternatives if you are only driving for a short while. If you own your car, you can get an insurance for a period of six months, terminate it when you’re finished driving, as well as stop paying for any months that you don’t use it.

Ever heard of an insurance bundle? Let us tell you when you have more than one type of policy with the same insurance company, you create an insurance bundle. Isn’t it easy to have all your policies in the same place? Plus, some insurers offer you discounts for having more than one type of policy with them, which makes it convenient for you to find the average insurance bundle cost.

If you want to have temporary insurance, let’s say, for some time, the best possible solution is to get a regular auto insurance policy that you use sometimes.

There are several situations where temporary insurance may be necessary, including short-term use of an automobile in a new city/country or impending car sale. The problem is that temporary coverage isn’t a popular choice among auto insurance providers. However, this article will enlighten you with how to find the best deals on temporary car insurance. 

What is Temporary Car Insurance?

Although there are alternatives to temporary auto insurance plans, they do not truly exist. The best option to receive coverage for a brief period of time is to buy a 6 month plan, a non-owner insurance, or a pay-per-mile insurance, terminate it if you no longer require the insurance, and then renew it. If you come across an online advertisement for “one-day” or maybe “weekend” auto insurance policy, it’s likely not authentic because no respectable auto insurance provider sells a term shorter than 6 months.

What to Know Before Purchasing Temporary Car Insurance? 

Following are the three key notes that should be taken under account before purchasing Temporary car insurance: 

  1. Auto insurance is typically sold by insurance providers in 6- or 12-month increments, although you can change your mind at any time.
  2. If you do not have a car but still need emergency coverage, you can get a non-owner policy and otherwise a rental car insurance.
  3. You can use a friend’s automobile without having your own coverage because most standard policies allow for the usage of the car by other users.

Tips For Purchasing Temporary Car Insurance

Looking forward to get purchase your very first temporary car insurance? Following are the golden tips that you should follow:

1. Check For the Cancellation Fees With Your Insurance Provider

Although cancellation costs charged by insurance can be as high as 10% of the premium, they differ greatly by business and even by state. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do some prior study on your company’s cancellation cost. In some circumstances, it’s worthwhile to pay a little amount to prevent having to pay charges in the future. However, costs are crucial to take into account if you’re looking towards a policy that you want to cancel.

2. Think About All of Your Insurance Options 

Even if there are several options in place of temporary auto insurance, it doesn’t actually exist. Make sure to consider the amount of coverage you’re getting while determining the type of coverage you require, not just the cost. When compared to depending solely on a friend’s plan or even the coverage offered by the majority of car sharing providers, a non-owner policy, for example, offers additional coverage.

3. If You Have Inquiries About a Particular Circumstance, Get in Touch With Your Insurer

Many insurers provide unique coverage options for temporarily storing a vehicle. If you want buy car insurance for a week, you can get that short-term coverage from your insurance provider. You can also find out from your insurance provider whether your coverage covers loaned or leased cars.

4. Avoid Falling For Cons

Online advertisements for temporary auto insurance from insurance providers are probably false. Ask the state’s insurance authority if an organization you suspect of being real is authorised to offer coverage, even short-term plans.

When Would You Need Temporary Auto Insurance?

There are a number of situations where you might require temporary auto insurance. Several instances tend to involve:

  1. You only drive when on summer vacation because you are an university student.
  2. You’re travelling somewhere where having a vehicle available is necessary
  3. You will be living with a relative or acquaintance and using their vehicle.
  4. You reside abroad and will operate a vehicle while in the US.
  5. You drive an automobile that is only used occasionallyl.
  6. You recently purchased an automobile that you intend to sell.

Are You Eligible for Temporary Car Insurance?

Whenever it comes to requirements for short-term auto insurance, various companies have varying policies. Your car’s worth and your age will be taken into consideration. While some firms do offer coverage for 17-year-olds as well as learner drivers, the majority of insurers won’t offer coverages younger drivers on short contracts. Some insurers don’t cover vehicles with a specific value. It is always recommended to check with as many coverage providers as possible and crack the best deal. 

Can I Buy Auto Insurance for a Day, a Week, or a Month?

Unknown providers may advertise one-day or weekly auto insurance, but you should be cautious because they can be a ruse or provide inadequate coverage. Major car insurance providers, on the other hand, often provide annual or six-month coverage. Fortunately, getting a regular automobile insurance policy that you only use sometimes is simple to do. For instance, you may sign up for a 6 month coverage and then, after you’re done traveling, cancel it. Even though you may have to pay a cancellation fee, you will not be billed for the remaining weeks or months after you discontinue.

Hope, this blog offered you insights on temporary car insurance. However, two things you need to keep in mind. First, failing of temporary car insurance can throw you behind the bars. And the second is, changing insurance company multiple times (too frequent) will not leave a good impression. Got a question about car insurance? Drop it in the comment box! 

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