Best (and Worst) Hot Rods Cars

Finding the best speed cars designed from the 80s and 90s classics is not so difficult if you know where to get the best hot rods for sale. Since almost any company and individual can design hot rods, it is quite tricky to know the best from the lots. In contrast, this is not the case when looking for the worst models, as they seem littered everywhere. Fortunately, this guide will highlight some of the best hot rods and the very worst ones.

The Best 3

1. Lamborghini Espada Rat Rod

The Lamborghini Espada Rat rod conversion is one of the most stellar hot rod conversions in history. Lamborghini has always been bold in creating cars that break the rules and set new ones. However, in creating this Rat Rod conversion, the company overdid itself in a good way. Espada hot Rod is a customized conversion of the original 70’s era Lamborghini Espada and was an idea conceived from collaborations with Danton Arts Kustoms and Carrosserie Herve auto body shop owner Herve Castagno.

The bodywork of this machine showcases a fine balance of a beasty yet beautiful innovation. While most of the exterior of the original Espada was maintained, the window glasses were removed.

The inside of the car is plated with metalwork. The wrappings are tightly screwed metal and aluminum plates which surprisingly serve as beautiful decors. This new look gives the car the familiar feel of a typical ride in Death Race. The tires, as expected, are large and extravagantly pushed out from the car body to capture the signature hot rod look. The bonnet is fully opened, permanently showcasing the Lamborghini V12 engine, which can reach 218 miles per hour.

2. Factory Five Speedstar Coupe

The Coupe is one of the biggest and most popular hot rods turning the heads of speed muscle car lovers, and Factory Five is the company behind the innovative idea. The most captivating part of this hot rod is that it was only introduced in 2020 and quickly became a favorite due to its attractive design and massive tires that give the 50s classic looks. 

Unlike most hot rods that are often designed by cutting and joining different cars, the Coupe is designed right from scratch as a hot rod, which is why it is one of the cleanest speed cars on the market. Buyers can request their Coupe to be specially painted and have inventive custom touches according to their taste.

The Coupe is generally designed with a variety of engines from Ford and Chevy and even Gen 3. It is all about the customer’s taste in the desired speed and balance power.

3.  Plymouth Prowler

Plymouth Prowler

The Hot Rod Plymouth prowler maintains most of the original look, with the protruding tires being the major big change. It looks very attractive and modern, which is why it is a hot shot in the industry. The version available with Barrett Jackson was sold immediately due to high demand.

The interior design and exterior design of this car are one of the best you will see as a hot rod lover. It is clean and has great audio and comforting leather. The painting is at its best, with a black mirror finish to give it a perfect look.

The best speed you will get is 126 miles per hour if you are lucky to get a hot rod with the new 3.5 L EGG V6 engine. Older engine models have a peak speed of 118 miles per hour.

The Worst Two

1. Vette Rat

Vette Rat

While this model was supposed to be innovative, as that is the aim of hot rod design, the artistic sense of the creators seems not to match their innovative intent. The original of this modified hot rod is the 80s C4 Corvette, which is a cool car and can serve the hot rod role if the design is left to the most artistic mind.

The original C4 Corvette

Unfortunately, the guys responsible for this design seemed to be on a mission to remove all the features and design that made the original Corvette cool and end up with a hot rod many will not spare a second look. It is difficult to tell if the altered design can even reach the peak speed of 162 miles per hour of the original engine without breaking down. Honestly, this design looks awful, and most hot rod lovers will pass.

2.  A combined Truck and Car miss

A combined Truck and Car miss

When you think you have seen it all, something else just gives you a rude awakening that there are still lows of lows in the Hot rod design world. It is difficult to tell the name of this design as it was never even named. However, it is clear that a lot of work was put into it to get what is, unfortunately, a disastrous combination of a truck head with a funny bonnet and a car body that looks average at best.

This design is definitely not beautiful, and neither is it creative. However, it offers a good laugh, which makes everything not so bad. Most people will consider it a waste of time, and the sentiments are also shared here.


So here are the 5 hot rods to watch out for both the good and bad reasons. They project the true picture of the hot rod industry and why you should know what you want before making a purchase.

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