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Benefits of Skincare Routine that Men Should Know

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The goal of your morning skin care routine should be to help you start the day off right. You should leave the house feeling refreshed, sure of yourself, and ready to handle whatever the day brings.

The lifestyle that most people lead is usually hectic, between work, sports, spending time with loved ones, and rest, and we forget fundamental parts of personal care.

One of the organs most damaged by a lack of care is the skin, mainly the face, since it is the one that has the most contact with free radicals such as pollution and the sun. It is also affected by stress, a poor diet, or poor sleep habits. Therefore, it is important to have a structured facial skincare routine. To start a skincare routine, we must take into account the type of skin we have, whether it is dry, delicate, oily, or mixed, and there are suitable products and ingredients for each of them.

Benefits of Skincare Routine

Although it can be tedious to dedicate a part of our time to the skin, the benefits it will leave are wonderful, and Torongia Men’s dermocosmiatrist, Beatriz Magrassi, explains why.

Reduction and Prevention of Wrinkles and Expression Lines

Every skincare routine includes cleansing and hydration, and for this, there are various creams and serums specifically designed to provide greater softness and elasticity in specific areas of the face. By implementing this type of care, we can prevent or reduce expression lines.

Unification of the Skin Tone

A sunscreen and an exfoliant are also essential to protecting the skin on the face. By exfoliating, we clean the pores in depth and prevent blackheads or pimples from forming. Also, with the use of sunscreen, we will prevent unnecessary spots or burns from being generated.

Improved Self-esteem

There are studies that prove that men who have better self-esteem perform better in all areas of their lives, so the benefits are not only for your skin but for your general well-being. One of the main factors in loving you is taking care of yourself.


Disorganization is one of the problems that we often face every day when we are stressed. To generate a routine, experts say that you must follow a process for at least 28 days so that your body gets used to it and can automate it. Start implementing it with the care of your face at the beginning and end of the day, and you will see how your other activities will also be automated.


There are people who are unaware of the type of skin they have or if there are assets and/or ingredients that benefit them more than others. By starting your skincare routine, you have the opportunity to discover more about yourself and your system. It is also a moment dedicated especially to you that you can take advantage of to reflect on the events of the day or recognize your emotions, or you can forget about everything and pamper yourself while applying your skincare products and listening to your favorite music at the same time. The important thing is to take a few minutes of your day for yourself.



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