How to Prepare for an Agile and Scrum interview?

Are you an Agile Scrum master? Are you applying for companies and giving interviews? Well, we understand that you may be having cold feet. That’s totally alright. We are here you help you with the same. Giving interviews can sometimes be exhausting and stressful. The stress build-up can actually hamper your chances at the interview. Thus, to help you overcome your fear and ace that agile and Scrum interview, we have a few tips and tricks that can come in handy. Also, read along if you haven’t completed your Scrum master certification yet, we can guide you on that too. So, let’s begin-

 Tips for Agile and Scrum Interview

Do your research properly

See, as a Scrum master, you will be acquiring an authoritative position of any company. Thus, it is better to know the company beforehand. Also, you must read the position description very carefully. This position might also require any other qualifications as the idea of a scrum master could be varying for different companies. So, do your research properly. Check if you fit in their eligibility criteria properly. Research about the company owners, the main working personals, and its work ethics and so on. You could also connect with some of the pre-existing employees. They could also help you get in. Doing your homework about the company could help you be more confident and answer your interview questions in regard to that company. So, the thumb rule to crack the Agile and Scrum interview is to know the company, the position requirement, and do your homework.

Be thorough with your basics

If you are applying for a Scrum Master position, you will be handling a position that will require you to make responsible decisions for the company. So, you will be tested at each and every level extremely meticulously. Thus, you need to keep your basics on point as any curveball could come right at you. The company can also hire a Scrum Master to test your knowledge about Scrum and the methodologies. So, when you refer to yourself as a “Scrum Master”, you need to prove to them that you have the appropriate skill-based approach. Thus, be clear with your basics.

If you want to be a certified Scrum master, then you must totally enroll in Simplilearn’s Scrum Master Certification program. You have three options in this Scrum master certification wherein you can choose to either study at your own pace with the video lectures or you can also go for the ones where they conduct live classes, we recommend this one because you get to interact with some of the leading industry experts. The best part about the program is that you get hands-on practice and also get to solve case studies. Thus, clearing your concepts and helping you in getting the hang of Scrum’s methodologies. With the Scrum Master certification, you will be identified as an Agile and Scrum master in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Start your Scrum journey with Simplilearn today and advance in your career. Kick start your career as a Scrum Master today.

Be Honest with them

See, Scrum is a vast unit, you will be required to know your basics but there will be times when you have a limited amount of knowledge. Our recommendation would be to be honest, if you don’t know something just say that you don’t. Don’t lie about topics that you are not well versed with. Because as mentioned before, some companies might need a Scrum master that specializes in certain areas, it could be like Kanban or anything. Thus, being dishonest at this stage could hamper your future prospects with the company. So, it’s better to be absolutely truthful in the interview and know what you know and know what you don’t. It is always better to under-promise and overachieve rather than over-promising and underachieving.

Prepare Scenario-based questions

Now, these types of questions are there to examine your experience as well as problem-solving skills, thus you need to be extremely careful with them. It is beneficial to prepare these questions beforehand and practice your answers. Also, don’t mug up answers, be candid, and take your time to think and answer. Take your time for these questions as they hold significance in your overall performance with the company. Be cautious and answer them carefully.

Make the interview a two-way conversation

Okay, so the interviewers are people too, they aren’t going to interrogate you .like the police. It might feel a little intimidating initially. However, eventually, when you and the interviewer gel up, you can be comfortable and make the conversation two ways. Ask questions, meaning questions to the interviewer, it makes you seem much more confident and also it will help you know the interviewer and the company too. People often miss out on this opportunity but this could be your chance to leave an impression. Asking questions will basically make you look intrigued and curious, which are essential qualities that any company looks for in the employees.

Some important questions could be-

  1. What is Velocity
  2. What is a Scrum Sprint?
  3. What do you mean by impediments in Scrum? State a few examples of Impediments in Scrum.
  4. What are the differences and similarities between Agile and Scrum?
  5. What do you mean by Increment? What is it? Explain.
  6. What is your perception of the Daily standup? What do you understand by that?
  7. What is the build breaker?
  8. What is Scrum ban? What do you understand by it?
  9. What are the responsibilities of a Scrum team?
  10. What are the artifacts of the Scrum process?

So, here are our top tips for acing your Scrum and Agile interview and some sample questions. Do not forget to check out Simplilearn’s Scrum Master Program, if you have been certified already. It will make you job-ready. Enroll today and be a step ahead in your career.

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