1 Best Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

Technical difficulties are a harsh reality of web development. No matter if you’re using WordPress or if you’re coding from scratch. There has never been a person who perfectly created or ran a website. And that’s okay, mistakes and issues happen. But it’s important to keep certain tools and plugins that help you deal with those mistakes. That’s where maintenance plugins for WordPress come into play. The main goal of maintenance plugins is to give you time to fix whatever issues you have while keeping your website somewhat running and your visitors fairly engaged. These plugins serve as curtains to the theatre of your website. While you’re setting up the stage your visitors may enjoy the beautiful embroidery of your stage curtains. Or in a more direct term, maintenance plugins serve as temporary solutions to distract your audience while you fix issues.

1. WP Maintenance

If you’re looking for a page builder with which you can set up a maintenance page in mere minutes look no further than WP Maintenance. It is a maintenance plugin with a drag & drop page builder. Its compatibility with other plugins ensures that you won’t have any glitches while building your temporary page. And with WP Maintenace you can also track your web page’s SEO. This is incredibly important as SEO tracking is key to the success of any website. And it doesn’t matter if you’re building a page for a couple of hours in maintenance or as a months-long anticipatory website, you have to make sure your pages are optimized. With 20+ premade themes you can instantly build yourself a web page, or you can edit them to suit your niche.

2. UnderConstructionPage

UnderConstructionPage provides you with an easy-to-use template-based page builder. With over 300 templates you can find any theme or topic that fits your website ideas. Building your under-construction page takes only a few clicks as UnderConstructionPage has a simple drag&drop page builder. With this plugin, you can create any type of one-page website, from maintenance to promotion. Creating an under-construction page may be crucial to your website’s success just as ‘coming soon’ wallpapers are necessary for physical businesses. They let potential visitors know that they’re getting a new shop on the block, no matter if it’s virtual or physical.

3. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

People love getting hyped up, and with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode you can create coming soon pages that can inspire future customers or visitors to keep your website bookmarked for a later date. With plenty of layouts for your designs, you can completely customize what your visitors see. From newsletter signup to the geolocation of your physical storefront you can create the perfect website for your needs. And if you’re creating a website for your clients Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode can give you a special login for your clients. That way your clients can check up on your progress while the rest of the public sees a lovely ‘coming soon web page.

No matter if it’s a single-page website or a temporary maintenance page having quick and easy page builders is key for surviving web design emergencies. These maintenance plugins can be a lifeline if you have deadlines coming up and some inexplicable issue arises. SO make sure to check them out and pick your favorite.

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