World Intellectual Property Day 2023 – History, Significance, and Quotes

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World Intellectual Property Day is observed annually on April 26 to raise awareness of the role intellectual property rights play in fostering innovation and creativity. World Intellectual Property Day 2023 acknowledges the enormous potential of young people to discover new and improved solutions that support the transition to a sustainable future.

Young people around the world are embracing innovation challenges with their energy, ingenuity, curiosity, and creativity in order to pave the way for a better future. Innovative, energizing, and inventive minds are driving the necessary changes for a more sustainable future. Learn how intellectual property rights can assist the youth of the future in building a better future.

This article discusses World Intellectual Property Day, including its theme, significance, and history.

What is World Intellectual Property Day? 

Additionally referred to as World IP Day. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to take precautions; therefore, WIPO is not planning any physical events and is encouraging the World IP Day community to celebrate through virtual channels. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of how intellectual property (IP) rights foster innovation and creativity. This year, World IP Day emphasizes innovation and supports the creation of a sustainable future. It is necessary to protect our native planet.

The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) established it. It promotes the role of intellectual property in fostering innovation and creativity.

In fact, World Intellectual Property Day provides an opportunity for IP offices, inventors, and businesses of all sizes to discuss and network regarding emerging innovations that will help shape the world and better people’s quality of life.

World Intellectual Property Day 2023: History

WIPO, a self-funded specialized agency of the United Nations, plays a crucial role in establishing a global intellectual property system that is equitable and accessible. In 2000, the member states of WIPO resolved to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day annually on April 26 to commemorate the signing of the WIPO Convention in 1970.

The Convention seeks to bridge the divide between intellectual property as a legal or commercial concept and its impact on the lives of individuals. WIPO believes that the observance of this day will increase global awareness of the significance of intellectual property rights and promote innovation and creativity.

World Intellectual Property Day 2023: Theme

The theme for the 2023 World Intellectual Property Day is Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity. Women represent a vast pool of latent talent and play a significant role in shaping the world through their creativity, hard work, and resourcefulness, as nearly half of the world’s population is female (49.58%). The objective of the theme for 2023 is to emphasize the significance of empowering women to overcome these obstacles and realize their maximum potential in the field of intellectual property, thereby advancing innovation and creativity.

How to Apply for Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in India?

To petition for IPRs in India, you must do the following:

  • Determine the category of IPR for which you wish to apply.
  • Conduct a search to ensure that your creation is original and does not violate any existing intellectual property rights.
  • Prepare the application in accordance with the prescribed format and with the necessary supporting materials.
  • Submit the application to the appropriate organization, such as the Indian Patent Office, the Trademark Registry, or the Copyright Office.
  • Pay the appropriate application fees.
  • Your IPR will be granted if there are no objections or oppositions raised during the examination process.

It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced attorney to assist you with the IPR application procedure in order to avoid future legal issues.

How to Celebrate World Intellectual Property Day 2023?

  • WIPO collaborates with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, community organizations, and individuals to organize World Intellectual Property Day events.
  • There are concerts and public performances centered on the theme of World IP Day.
  • Youth essay contests are organized around the theme of World IP Day.
  • Numerous universities offer seminars or complimentary lectures to raise awareness about intellectual property and its benefits.
  • On World IP Day, museums, art galleries, schools, and other educational institutions host exhibitions to illustrate the relationship between innovation and intellectual property.
  • Some regional offices for intellectual property and copyright may be open on April 26 to celebrate World IP Day.

World Intellectual Property Day 2023: Significance

The significance of World Intellectual Property Day rests in its capacity to highlight the vital role that IP plays in fostering innovation, creativity, and economic growth. To encourage innovation, investment in research and development, and the creation of new products and services, intellectual property rights are indispensable. They encourage individuals and businesses to invest in the creation of new concepts, technologies, and artistic works.

In addition, World Intellectual Property Day is an occasion to raise awareness of the significance of respecting IP rights and to encourage individuals and organizations to safeguard the IP of others.

In addition, it functions as a venue for highlighting the significance of intellectual property in fields such as medicine, art, music, literature, technology, and business.

World Intellectual Property Day 2023: Quotes

“Creative minds are respected the mostâ€æ. World Intellectual Property Day inspires us to explore our creative side and make an impression on the world with our thoughts and creations.”

“If a man is keeping an idea to himself, and that idea is taken by stealth or trickery-I say it is stealing. But once a man has revealed his idea to others, it is no longer his alone. It belongs to the world.”

“Only those who have a strong and innovative mind have the potential to leave something good for future generationsâ€æ. Wishing you a very Happy World IP Day!!!”

“We are all blessed with minds and it depends on our potential and how smartly we use our creative sides to enrich them and become successfulâ€æ. Warm wishes on World Intellectual Property Day.”

“Intellectual property is an important legal and cultural issue. Society as a whole has complex issues to face here: private ownership vs. open source, and so on.”

“A change in life depends on innovation and the courage to make that innovationâ€æ. A very Happy World Intellectual Property Day.”

“Inventions happen only when a person with knowledge explores his creative side and comes up with something unique and inspiringâ€æ. Happy World IP Day!!!”

“The world needs more and more ideas to make it a better place to liveâ€æ. Let us make World Intellectual Property Day more inspiring with good ideas!!!”

“True inventors do not sit on their inventions. “

Why World Intellectual Property Day is Important?

It protects creative work

World Intellectual Property Day is significant because it safeguards the rights of creators and innovators. By recognizing, encouraging, and rewarding individual contributions such as inventions, designs, and literary works, intellectual property laws foster innovation.

It encourages further innovation

When creators are assured that their work will be protected, they are more likely to continue to produce. By upholding intellectual property laws and commemorating World Intellectual Property Day, we send the message that creativity and innovation are valuable and should be honored.

It supports economic development

Intellectual property can be a significant contributor to economic expansion. It creates jobs, generates revenue for local economies through licensing fees and royalties, increases the availability of products and services, and promotes global market competition.


World Intellectual Property Day is observed annually on April 26 to raise awareness and promote. The contribution of intellectual property rights to innovation, creativity, and economic development. Governments, businesses, and individuals can use it as a forum for discussion and idea exchange. And seek solutions to the problems currently facing the intellectual property sector.

The observance of World Intellectual Property Day serves as a reminder of the vital function. The role that intellectual property plays in fostering creativity and innovation. It stresses the importance of strong intellectual property protection. And enforcement to encourage the innovation of new products, technologies, and services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the topic of World Intellectual Property Day?

World Intellectual Property Day is annually observed on April 26. The purpose of the commemorative events is to educate the public on the role of intellectual property rights in fostering innovation and creativity. Subscribe to receive SDG event announcements, news, and analysis in your inbox.

What are the four types of intellectual property?

Copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and trademarks.

Can you buy an intellectual property?

The only method to acquire intellectual property is through legal channels in which all required documentation is generated.

Who owns intellectual properties?

The creator or originator of a work is the owner of its copyright. However, if the work was created under an employer-employee contract, it belongs to the employer.

Why do we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day?

The event was established in 2000 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to raise awareness of the impact of patents, copyright, trademarks, and designs on daily life, as well as to celebrate creativity and the contribution of creators and innovators to the development of economies and societies worldwide.

What is the most important intellectual property?

When people think of intellectual property rights protection, patents are the first form of intellectual property rights that come to mind.

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