World Bicycle Day 2023: How Bicycles Contribute to Personal Health and Global Wellness

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According to recent findings, if the rest of the world adopted the cycling habits of the Dutch, it could potentially offset the entire carbon footprint of countries such as the UK or Australia.
According to recent research, if the entire global population cycled at the same rate as the Dutch, carbon emissions would decrease by approximately 700 million tonnes annually.
According to a recent report by the Communications Earth and Environment journal, the University of Southern Denmark has recommended that individuals adopt the cycling habits of the Netherlands.
On average, Dutch individuals cycle 2.6 kilometres daily, according to recent data. According to a recent study, if this pattern were to be replicated globally, annual carbon emissions would decrease by 686 million tonnes.
The carbon footprint of this mammoth figure surpasses that of many countries, such as the UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.
According to the authors, there is a pressing need to encourage sustainable bicycle use due to the substantial yet unexplored advantages it offers in terms of climate and health benefits.

What are the Environmental and Health Benefits of Cycling?


You should ride your bike for many reasons. On a personal level, it’s a great way to stay fit and healthy and avoid the common diseases that come with sitting around all day.
People who ride their bikes to work are 45% less likely to get cancer and 46% less likely to get heart disease.
It’s good for you, but it’s also good for the earth. One-fourth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector. Half of these emissions come from individual vehicles, such as cars and trucks.
Cars also add to air pollution by putting harmful chemicals and gases into the air.
Hubbub, a UK environmental group, says that half of the trips we take every day are less than 3.2 kilometres long, which means they could be swapped for bike rides.

How Many People Cycle Worldwide?

The number of bikes made has grown a lot in the last 60 years, says a new study. In 2015, 123 million bikes were made. In 1962, only 20.7 million bikes were made.
But this doesn’t mean that a bigger share of the world’s people is riding. Only 5% of all daily trips around the world are made by bike.
The people who wrote the study know that not everyone lives in a place that is good for riding, but they are calling for an “urgent” expansion of cycling infrastructure around the world.
“It would be very important to learn from places like Denmark and the Netherlands, especially cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam, where things have gone well,” they write.
“These include, but are not limited to, the proper planning and building of bike lanes, education and culture that support biking, and policies that use taxes to discourage people from driving cars.”
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