Winter Camping With A Group: Exciting Activities to Enjoy

The best part about camping is the opportunity to discover new things and have fun with friends or family members. Whether it’s summer, spring, fall, or winter, every season can offer a range of exciting activities that will make your holiday rich and unforgettable.

Despite all its “extreme weather”, winter is among the popular travel seasons. And if we look at the most common sports and activities, many of them are either summer or winter.

That’s why winter camping is not just a trip to nature, it’s a chance to really enjoy the winter, get a unique experience, challenge yourself, and also feel the very snowy sensations.

One of the factors that will make the trip even more eventful and memorable is a trip in the company of friends. This approach has several advantages:

  • In a large group of people, there is always someone with more experience and knowledge, which helps make planning and preparing for the trip and the camping itself easier and safer.
  • Among the group members, there are always people with a variety of interests and hobbies, so a trip in this case can help you find something new and exciting for yourself.
  • Being with friends, you not only relax in nature, but you can also pay attention to your close ones, which is especially important after you grow up, as there is often no free time to meet friends.
  • And finally, winter camping is a great way to break out of the routine, gain new strength, and take a pause from everyday affairs. In other words, camping is an opportunity to make your life brighter and richer.

Whether you already have winter camping experience or are a beginner just discovering this lifestyle, every campsite is a new experience and impression. So, gather your friends, choose an interesting location, get a reliable 6 people tent, and plan your trip, because camping is a great vacation for both body and mind!

Let’s look at some of the most popular and interesting activities you can enjoy while camping.

Ice Skating And Hockey 

When we talk about winter sports, the first thing that comes to mind is ice skating and hockey.

If you decide to spend time in winter camping with friends, then these activities can definitely make your vacation interesting!

Bring the necessary equipment with you and play hockey with your friends. Or go skiing on a frozen lake while admiring the magnificent winter scenery that surrounds you. After all, open space is much better than the closed skating rinks that we can find in the city.

However, the main criterion here is safety. So, if you want to spend time doing winter sports, it is best to find a place designed for such purposes in advance.

Ice thickness is a key safety factor. To avoid the risk of falling into icy water, make sure the ice is at least 5 inches thick before entering it.


Another popular winter sport is skiing. Today, finding a location with pistes is not so difficult, as there are a lot of winter resorts with available campsites. The main thing is to book a place in advance, as with the onset of winter, many people take gear and visit ski resorts, which can make it harder for you to find a suitable place or you may need to pay more.

In addition, even when going camping in the mountains, you can also take your skis with you. However, here, in the “wild” nature, you should avoid steep slopes or locations with a lot of trees, bushes, and other obstacles, so as not to get injured. In any campsite, especially winter camping, safety is paramount.


It is perhaps one of the most common hobbies available at any time of the year. Winter landscapes often fascinate and enchant: snow-covered slopes, frozen rivers and waterfalls, white treetops, and nature all make for great visual experiences to capture.

Therefore, when going on winter camping, remember to bring your camera with you, because the beautiful snowy landscapes are worth it!


Walking along the trails is something that no camping can do without, no matter what time of the year it is outside the window.

However, winter hiking is always something special, even in cold weather. After all, many places and locations reveal their beauty with the advent of winter, and being there at such moments is a real gift!

Find a place you would like to visit, gather your friends, and discover many trails and a huge area to explore while enjoying winter camping.


Ice fishing is not only a hobby, but often a lifestyle for many people who go to new or proven places every winter where they can enjoy nature, relax and get a dopamine rush by successfully catching big fish!

Even if you are not a fan of fishing, or have never been on it, the combination of camping and ice fishing is worth trying at least once! Since the winter way of catching fish is noticeably different from the summer one, this is a great opportunity to get new impressions and add something interesting to your trip.

In Conclusion

Winter is a season that opens up a whole range of various activities, so with the advent of frosty weather, you should not lock yourself at home, on the contrary, this is a perfect chance to have an exciting and useful time!

Choose activities and hobbies that you like or want to try and enjoy the winter season in the best way. Most importantly, make sure that you have a reliable outdoor winter tent because, in warmth and comfort, camping even in cold weather will not create any problems for you!

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