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Who will be the Next James Bond? Find Details about the Candidates

James bond candidates

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Who will play James Bond in the next movie after “No Time to Die”? James Bond fans want to know the answer. Daniel Craig’s last movie as James Bond was No Time to Die. This has led to a lot of theories and guesses about what will happen next and who could join the list of legendary actors who have played 007 in movies.

Before the movie had a name, Daniel Craig said he didn’t want to play James Bond again. Fans of the famous 1950s spy started suggesting actors like Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, Richard Madden, Idris Elba, and even women like Tilda Swinton and Charlize Theron to replace him.

All of that changed when Craig suddenly changed his mind and agreed to come back for one last film, the 25th in the series. But that didn’t solve the problem; they still had to find someone to carry on the legacy of the most famous agent in movies and bring it into a new era.

James Bond is one of those roles that every actor wants to play, but only one person can do it at a time, so it’s important to find the right one. Who is he going to be now? The producers haven’t said anything, but some actors have been talking like they could be a good fit.

A different Bond

Barbara Broccoli, who is in charge of the saga, says that they are getting ready to change the character.

She told Deadline, “There’s no one in the running.” We’re talking about where to take him and what to do. We don’t have a script, and we can’t come up with one until we figure out how to make the next movie, which is a reimagining of Bond. We’re making him a new person, and that takes time. I would say that filming won’t start for at least two years.”

How the Bonds are made?

For example, Sean Connery was Scottish, so Ian Fleming didn’t want him at first. However, Connery was able to convince Fleming and the producers that he was perfect for the role by giving a performance that summed up everything James Bond was at the time.

Daniel Craig is British, but he looked different from all the other Bonds and from how the character is described in the books. He showed that appearance and age are two things that can be changed.

But there’s nothing that says Bond has to be from a certain place on Earth. Actors should ideally be from Britain, but we all know that accents can be faked to a certain point.

What’s James Bond age

Daniel Craig quit the role when he was 53 years old. He was supposed to leave when he was 52, but the pandemic changed those plans. He was the second-oldest actor to play the role. Bond actors are in their 40s, which gives the character a bit of experience in every way, but they don’t want someone on the verge of retirement.

In fact, the producers of the saga have said that they would like to have a younger actor for a new saga. This would allow them to make more movies and show a side of the character that hasn’t been seen before.

How does the James Bond look?

This gives us a lot more options. Most Bonds have dark hair, masculine features, and muscles, but not to the point where they look like superheroes. Daniel Craig broke the mold by having blue eyes and lighter hair, and the same producers said that race and skin color are not the only things they look at when choosing the next James Bond.

Fleming says that Bond is tall, good-looking, and has dark hair, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should look like that. Barbara Broccoli even said, “James Bond can be any color, but he is a man.”

When will we hear about the next James Bond movie?

Bond 26 probably won’t come out in theaters until at least 2025, so the movie is still in the pre-pre-production phase. In June 2022, Barbara Broccoli said, “We’re figuring out where to go with him. We’re talking that over.” “There isn’t a script, and we can’t write one until we figure out how we’re going to make the next movie, which is really a new start for Bond. We’re making him into a different person, and that takes time. I would say that filming won’t start for at least two years.

Michael G. Wilson, who is also a co-producer, has said that Bond 26 will be a hard reset for the series and for Bond himself. In 2022, the main point of what he said was, “Don’t expect any young people to run.”

“In the past, we looked at younger people,” he told Deadline. “But it doesn’t help to try to picture it. Don’t forget that Bond is already an old pro. He’s been around for a while. He is a person who has, so to speak, been through the wars. He might have been in something like the SAS. He’s not a high school kid you can just bring in and start working with. So, it works for someone in their thirties.’

At some point in the not-too-distant future, EON’s metaphorical chimney will be filled with white smoke, revealing who the new 007 is. Until then, it’s a lot of fun to guess who will play MI6’s best for almost a decade.

Which actors have sounded like candidates

Aaron Taylor-Johnson 

Age: 32
Odds: 2/1

Taylor-Johnson, who is claimed to have had a ‘hugely impressive’ recent meeting with Barbara Broccoli, has emerged from nowhere (and Nowhere Boy) to lead the field. According to the oddsmakers, he is now the favorite to portray Bond. His present chances of 2/1 are so low that they make Le Chiffre’s eyes water.

The British actor, who recently co-starred with Brad Pitt in the action thriller Bullet Train as a gun-toting hitman, has broody charisma and a balletic body – as well as serious action chops, as shown in films ranging from Nocturnal Animals to Anna Karenina. He also has a deal with REM in case anyone wants to start Bond 26 with some melancholy Americana.

‘Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the latest player to have his name at the top of the betting after a surge of interest from bettors in the last two days,’ says the bookmaker. According to Alex Apati of UK bookmaker Ladbrokes.

Henry Cavill 

Age: 39
Odds: 5/2

Henry Cavill, the former Man of Steel, is hot on his tail. The Londoner’s recent purposeful detachment from Superman and the DC world – and, to a lesser extent, his departure from Netflix’s smash hit series The Witcher – has created space in his schedule for the kind of heavy lifting and marketing duties required by playing Ian Fleming’s iconic spy.

Cavill is the 5/2 second favorite to use those reloadable weapons for King and Country, according to the bookies.

Regé-Jean Page

Age: 34
Odds: 11/2

If EON wanted to convert an army of Bridgerton fans to the allure of the James Bond brand right now, it would cast one-time Ton heartthrob Regé-Jean Page.

Aside from the seismic impact of hiring a black actor as James Bond, Page is a rising star whose charisma will be on display this summer in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves starring Star Trek’s Chris Pine. Will that be James Bond and James Kirk on the same screen? The odds for him to play Bond are 11/2.

James Norton

Age: 37
Current odds: 7/1

If he gets the part, the magnificently-haired Londoner will be the most luxuriously-maned Bond since Pierce Brosnan. And since McMafia and War and Peace first exposed him to the UK’s living rooms, the rumour mill has had him firmly in the running. Although he put in an eye-catching performance in 2020’s Stalin-era journalism thriller Mr Jones, most of his best work has been on theater or small screen (he’s now portraying a true wrong’un in the BBC’s crime series Happy Valley).

Tom Hardy

Age: 45
Current odds: 7/1

The Venom and Peaky Blinders actor had been connected to the part long before it became available. But, at 45, he doesn’t appear to match Michael G Wilson’s definition of a ‘thirtysomething’ actor. Hardy’s name is bound to come up in any discussion about the new Bond. Despite having just seven lines to say, he helped propel Mad Max: Fury Road, and his suave spy in Inception was an excellent 007 audition. Hardy could be the man for EON if they’re searching for a big badass with soulful vibes and significant acting chops. But he might insist on wearing a mask.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

Age: 45
Odds: 9/1

There were strong rumors in 2014 that 12 Years a Slave actor Chiwetel Ejiofor would portray a Bond villain in Spectre. That never happened, theoretically leaving the Londoner in the mix to portray 007. Naomie Harris supports him, and no Bond ever got anywhere without Moneypenny, but his age appears to be an issue.

Dan Stevens

Age: 40
Odds: 14/1

Dan Stevens, who is suave, charming, and a keen cricket fan, appears to be the type of James Bond that Ian Fleming may have hired. Scratch a little deeper, though, and the former Downton Abbey star has a darker side. If you have any doubts that Bond could accomplish all the nastier stuff he does between protecting his country and aggravating M, watch 2014’s fantastic neon-tinged action-thriller The Guest.

Idris Elba

Age: 50
Odds: 16/1

Idris will not be there. We should definitely stop questioning him about it now.

Aidan Turner

Age: 39
Odds: 20/1

Former Poldark saucepot If he gets the role, Aidan Turner will be the second Irishman to play James Bond. And, like Pierce Brosnan, he has a lot of charm hidden beneath his self-contained appearance. Will his lack of big-screen experience disqualify him?

Who do you think, who are the best James Bond candidates?

Richard Madden and Taron Egerton are the only ones who meet all of the requirements. They’re also not as well-known as Hardy and Hiddleston, so they have time to make as many movies as they want and aren’t stuck with just one style or character. Egerton is one of the youngest people on the list, which could work in his favor.

We don’t know for sure who the next James Bond will be, but based on what we know so far, it’s likely to be one of these people or someone very similar. You never know, we could end up picking a new player.

Several websites say that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the top choice for the saga’s producers, Broccoli. There are even rumors that they have already met with him to talk about the possibility of him being in a new saga, but this is not official. and it’s not clear what kind of person they gave him.

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