Where to Purchase Black Angus Cattle in the Western U.S

While cattle ranching is one of the main economic activities in the Western region of the United States, black Angus cattle are the most common breed in the area. The ranching accounts for a significant share of the agricultural commodities in the country. 

The Economic Research Service projects cattle production to represent about 17 percent of the $391 billion inclusive cash receipts for agricultural items in the U.S. this year. However, to do a profitable ranching business in the Western U.S, you need to know the right place to buy your black Angus cattle. 

Below is a list of the best places you can purchase the cattle:

  1. Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch

The Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch has been in the market since the late 1800s and is currently a black Angus cattle ranch in Fort Benton in Montana. The farm has more than 450 head of mother cows. About half of the cows are registered, while the other half are commercial cows.

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch cattle have balanced traits that satisfy the need of their clients. The ranch works according to the current and practical commercial operations to ensure they produce cattle with soundness on its feet and quality on the rail.

Most of the cattle at the ranch, both registered and commercial, are heat-synchronized and then artificially inseminated. Their professionals keenly balance the cow’s genetics with a suitable bull’s genetics to come up with a product that satisfies the need of customers.

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch sells its best Commercial heifers and bulls at the ranch through the “In The Real World” Sale. An estimated 25% of their best-registered heifers are sold through the “In The Real World” Sale.

They also sell their slaughtered beef and bulls semen to ranchers across the Montana State. Most of their clients have reported substantial satisfaction from the goods and services they offer. 

  1. Valli-Hi Angus Ranch

The Valli-Hi Angus Ranch is one of the best registered black Angus ranches in Idaho, using advanced genetics to produce cattle that interest their customers. They use the best bulls with the best genetic match to synchronize and artificially inseminate their cows. In addition, they treat their cattle and raise them on green pastures, hay, and non-genetically modified alfalfa to keep them healthy.

The Valli-Hi Angus Ranch has been trading on registered black Angus since 1960 and has sufficient genetic experiencing in producing the exact cattle the customer need. They also sell some delicious Angus beef that their customers have testified to be proud of eating. 

To maintain the good health of the cattle, the Valli-Hi Angus Ranch has been employing the use of the Dur-A-Bull mineral feeder station to control the flies while the cattle get their minerals and salts.

The A-Bull mineral feeder station has a tub for salt and mineral and a curtain over the tub. The main center tube disperses oil and insecticide to eliminate flies that cause eye infections to the animals. The frame is durable, and many clients have reported that it has dramatically minimized eye problems among the animals.

  1. Ogilvie Cattle Company

The Ogilvie Cattle Company is one of the ranching businesses in Arizona. Due to the high fertility rate, efficiency, and performance, the company purchased its genetics from the U Bar Ranch in Cliff, NM. For this reason, they produce the best cattle that satisfy the need of their customers and thrive in any environment.

The Ogilvie Cattle Company aims at developing cattle based on physical traits, actual performance, and genetic testing to produce cattle versatile cow herd that has a calf every year, displays good mothering instincts, and weans at minimum a 500 lb. calf.

To keep the health of the cattle a notch higher, the company ensures the calves get two rounds of UltraChoice 8, Bovishield Gold 5, and Oct-guard MB-1 vaccinations. The cows also get annual boosters of Oct-guard MB-1, Bovishield Gold 5, and Ultrachoice 8.

To ensure that they produce the right cattle for their customers, the company uses EPD’s and i50k testing tools to select bets sires to match their cows. They also check the phenotype characteristics to ensure everything is right on the sire.

  • The company also uses the following standards to report docility of their cattle:
  • Flighty (Wild)-Jumpy and out of control, quivers and struggles violently,
  • Docile- Acceptable, mild disposition, most favorable temperament,
  • Nervous- Nervous and impatient,
  • Restless-Restless during processing,
  • Very Aggressive- Extremely aggressive temperament, and 
  • Aggressive- Added aggressive behavior, extreme agitation.
  1. The Vintage Angus Ranch

The Vintage Angus Ranch is one of the famous ranches in California. Its main objective is to produce cattle that satisfy everyone that purchases their genetics. As a result, their genetics have been used across the state, with many herd sires in top artificial insemination. 

The ranch has been working on combining the maternal with terminal traits into a single multi-trait genetic selection tool to develop multi-trait excellence to help customers keep replacement females and raise high-quality feeder cattle with the same bull battery.

The Vintage Angus has been committed to utilizing the extensive embryo transplant program to ensure that multi-trait excellence sires and dams are used in genetics.

It has been keen on the cattle business’s reproductive soundness, fleshing ability, longevity, and structural soundness as the center stage of their production. The ranch plays a crucial role in keeping customers at the top of genetic information to increase profitability.

  1. Crouthamel Cattle Co

The Crouthamel Cattle Co is one of the most popular registered Angus companies in Washington. The company has been using Upward genetics to produce high-quality, “real-world” cattle with balanced function and performance to satisfy the needs of their customers.

The Crouthamel Cattle Co currently has more than 220 cows and an extensive ET program to carry out the genetics from the top-proven cows within their herd. The company complements mate Upward and Onward genetics to highly maternal bloodlines to produce commercial cattle. Upward genetics has been significant in creating a sire with great muscle, power, and stoutness. In addition, the Crouthamel Cattle Co produces additional capacity and solid maternal traits that improve function and reduce maintenance.

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