WhatsApp’s New Feature, “Kept Messages,” Starts Rolling Out

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Some of the people who are beta testing WhatsApp’s newest feature, which is named “Kept Messages,” have begun to receive access to it. The functionality, which was first mentioned by WaBetaInfo in January, will provide users the ability to store a vanishing chat and keep it in its current state long after the chat has expired.

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According to WaBetaInfo, this update is included with the most recent beta version for Android; nevertheless, there is a possibility that certain users will be able to access the feature with versions and

For the benefit of those who aren’t aware, “Disappearing Messages” are temporary messages that have a predetermined expiration date after which they are removed from a conversation by default.

Users now have greater control over messages that automatically delete thanks to a new feature called “Kept Messages.” By using the “Kept Messages” function, a user can prevent a message from being deleted and make it visible to all of the other participants in the chat. At any time, the user has the option to delete the message, at which point it will be removed from view for everyone else.

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To differentiate itself from other chats, the feature will also have its own unique visual signal in the form of a “bookmark” icon. Users will have an easier time locating the communications they have retained as a result of this change. This function can come in helpful when keeping critical information or conversations that a user may want to review at a later time, without having to worry about losing them. For example, the user would not have to worry about losing them if they used this tool.

Some beta testers have been given access to the new function, and WhatsApp has future intentions to make it available to a wider audience of users. The functionality is already available for users of Android, however, it is unclear when it will be made available for those using iOS devices.

Users who may find the feature of disappearing messages to be very limiting will likely find the addition of the “Kept Messages” functionality to be a pleasant enhancement. The Kept messages feature gives users more control over their discussions and enables them to preserve essential messages that they might want to refer to at a later time. It also gives users the ability to keep their conversations private.

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WhatsApp just revealed that users of Android and iOS can now access new Status updates. It is equipped with four essential features, namely the private audience selector, voice status, status reactions, status profile rings, and rich link previews on Status.

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