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WhatsApp Desktop Users Will be Able to Send High-Quality Images

According to recent reports, the social messaging service WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is hard at work developing a new feature for its desktop users.

Users of WhatsApp desktop will soon be able to exchange photographs and videos in the same high-quality format that they originally captured them in. A report by WaBetaInfo states that the functionality is currently being worked on in the background.

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The report states that users will be able to email photographs in their original quality, keeping both their resolution and their clarity, thanks to the new function, which the report illustrates with a screenshot of the feature. Users of WhatsApp will soon be able to transfer media without having to worry about the image quality or resolution being degraded as a result of the new functionality.

According to the source, once this capability is made available to beta testers, users will still be able to share photographs using the approach that is considered to be the industry standard for compression. Those who are looking to minimize the amount of space taken up by their belongings will find this to be beneficial. The report indicates that it will always be the choice that is selected by default.

The option to send photographs in their original quality is currently being developed, and it will be made available in a future update of the app. This capability was previously discussed.

In the meantime, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is in the process of rolling out a number of new features, one of which will enable users to share voice messages on their status. After it has been shared, the ring will appear around profile photographs in the Chat list as well as in other locations. Because the program developed by the company that is owned by Meta now includes new status reactions, users are able to demonstrate to their friends and family exactly how they are feeling with simply the tap of a button.

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In addition, the instant messaging app is providing certain users with access to a new camera mode. Users of the new camera mode will be able to easily go from taking photos to recording videos with just the swipe of a button. They won’t have to tap and hold to record videos anymore, which will make it possible for them to record videos without using their hands. Users who have downloaded and installed the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS will have access to the feature.

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