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Switchy Review – All in One Link Customization and Tracking Tool

Switchy Review

Listen to Podcast: Hello and welcome to our Switchy review. If you’re a blogger or run a small website and share links to your blog or products on social media sites to bring in visitors and make money for your business. GET Switchy here Switchy Review here Then you might sometimes want to keep track […]

How a CPQ Software Solution Helps Sales Team Save Time?

How CPQ Software Save Sales Team Time?

Listen to Podcast: To consistently achieve its objectives, a sales team needs to invest in the right strategies to connect with the customers and encourage them to make a purchase. This includes identifying the right customer, successfully implementing marketing tactics, generating compelling quotations and proposals, offering 24*7 customer support, and more. Generating impactful quotes is […]

Noam Chomsky Calls ChatGPT “Basically a High-tech Plagiarism”

Noam Chomsky Slams ChatGPT

Listen to Podcast: According to Noam Chomsky, a well-known intellectual researcher, and thinker in the United States, ChatGPT is “basically a high-tech plagiarism” and a “way to avoid learning.” Chomsky also stated that the use of high-end technology by college students is an indication that “the educational system is failing.” Read Also: How to Hide […]

How to Hide Your Instagram Online Status? [Step-by-Step Guide]


Instagram is currently one of the most widely used social networking applications available. You are able to publish stories, post images, upload movies and reels, share videos, and do a great deal more with the social media site. In addition, users are able to browse the platform for information and communicate with one another through […]

Amazon Joins to Fray with Generative AI Better than GPT-3.5 too

Amazon Drive

Amazon has unveiled a new language model that improves GPT-3.5’s performance on ScienceQA by a margin of 16 percentage points, or from 75.1% accuracy to 91.6% accuracy. Will Amazon lead the way in the chatbot competition and become a participant? (Representational image: Tobias Dziuba via Pexels) Read Also: ChatGPT Vs Google Bard A little over […]

WhatsApp Desktop Users Will be Able to Send High-Quality Images

WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature

According to recent reports, the social messaging service WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is hard at work developing a new feature for its desktop users. Users of WhatsApp desktop will soon be able to exchange photographs and videos in the same high-quality format that they originally captured them in. A report by WaBetaInfo states […]

Opera Joins AI Race to Integrating ChatGPT with its Search Engine

Opera joining AI Race

Listen to Podcast: Only two months have passed in 2023, but it already appears that this will be the year that artificial intelligence comes into its own. People in the industry can’t stop talking about the rise of Artificial Intelligence ever since Microsoft and Google launched their AI-powered tools. Read More: How to Integrate WhatsApp […]

Invincible Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer Updates in 2023

Invincible Season 2

Listen to Podcast: Amazon Prime has been picked up for an Invincible season 2 and also for an Invincible Season 3. Omni-Man left Earth at the end of Season 1 of Invincible, which was more than a year ago. Before he ran away, he hurt his son, Mark Grayson, aka Invincible, very badly. The teen […]

Essay Writing Tips & Strategies for Tech Students: How to Ace Your Essays?

Better Essay Writing

Listen to Podcast: Writing essays can be a daunting task, especially for tech students. With the ever-evolving technology landscape and the need to stay up to date with current trends, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to put together an essay that stands out from the rest. However, with some helpful […]

Today is The First Death Anniversary of Editorialge Founder and CEO’s Father

Listen to Podcast: Retired renowned head teacher Jayanta Kumar Kundu is the father of Editorialge founder and CEO Sukanta Kundu. Today is the first death anniversary of Jayanta Kumar Kundu. Last year, on February 13, 2022, he passed away while undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Dhaka. Jayanta Kumar Kundu: At a Glance Jayanta […]

Essential Resources for Construction Project Managers

Construction Project Manager

Listen to Podcast: Construction project managers have an incredibly challenging job role. This type of position carries multiple responsibilities and entails an extremely high level of accountability. To be a great project manager, you need to make the most of your resources. Here are a few of the most important ways to stay on top […]