What You Need to Know about Water Weight Days?

Do you know what you need to know about water weight days? Why it is essential for us? In this article, today I try to focus on it. 

Nutritionists believe that 2-3 liters of water a day delay aging, however, to make the fat burn, help is needed. During water weight days, toxins are intensely washed out of the body, the intestines are cleaned, and the gastrointestinal tract gets a timeout. Together, such a hungry day leads to the fact that the body begins to spend excess fat.

Overweight in recent decades has become just the scourge of mankind. According to some reports, every third person on Earth weighs more than he should have. With age, this problem is often exacerbated: sitting still at the computer for many hours, stress eating after work, slowing down the metabolism gradually do their job. Career and financial situation “go uphill” along with additional pounds.

By limitations and prohibitions, this method of eating can be compared with a kind of diet. However, far from everyone can forsake their favorite delicacies, adherents of proper nutrition sometimes break down and forget about the taboo and enjoy eating forbidden foods with pleasure.

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 An alternative can be advised to people whose motivation for abstinence is not strong enough or simply not enough strength to resist various goodies. There is a simpler and more gentle way to cleanse the body and maintain a slim figure, which is fasting days. This technique does not require excessive efforts of will and special efforts.

There are practically no contraindications to such methods of cleansing the body, on the contrary, doctors even advise at least sometimes to use fasting days. To do this, it is necessary to exclude the consumption of any food and starting right in the morning, drink only purified water. You can only eat exactly one day later. It may seem to a person unfamiliar with such a technique that it will be very difficult to implement it, however, applying it you will be convinced of the ease with which your body tolerates a fasting day. Of course, the described method will not lead to a significant reduction in body weight, the body will only get rid of toxins and excess fluid. But even so, you can feel much healthier, because in the process of purification, the functionality of the whole organism is adjusted.

Tips for Water Weight Days:

It is not advisable to have water weight days often, but once a week is enough. Also, doctors do not recommend them to people with serious chronic diseases. Having decided to resort to this technique, consult with your doctor first to avoid undesirable consequences and troubles that may arise as a result of fasting. Besides, if at the moment you are suffering from a cold, it is better not to torment yourself in this way, but to wait until the disease has passed and the state of the body will return to normal.

The most important factor during the fasting day is frequent fluid intake. The next day, try not to pounce on food and have too much breakfast. After fasting, you need a light breakfast and preferably liquid food, which does not cause discomfort and heaviness in the stomach. Overeating after a fasting day can harm the body, so breakfast should be limited, even if you feel that you are not full enough. Having fasting days from time to time, you will soon be able to value the benefits and the need for such a method of cleansing the body.

Water weight days are strictly contraindicated for people with a body mass index greater than 25. The index is calculated as follows: a person’s body weight (in kilograms must be divided by his height squared (in meters). Stress from “feeding” only water can aggravate health problems in people obese: they often have disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine, hormonal, immune systems. This fasting is only possible after consultation with a doctor (general practitioner, gastroenterologist, nutritionist or endocrinologist).    


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