Don’t Forget your Walls and Ceilings while Decorating your Home

The walls and ceilings are an important component of your room and shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to interior decor. They can make or break your room’s character. With the right wall and ceiling decorating ideas, you can simply transform the room’s entire look. In addition, there is a huge scope to play around with ideas and colors while designing the walls and ceilings.

This guide covers some fantastic ideas you can consider when redecorating your room.

Statement Art

A large artwork improves the look of any room whatsoever. It acts as a focal point and captures everyone’s attention to it. These large artwork pieces are a must-have for minimalistic, large spacious rooms.

The larger the piece, the more will be its gravitational pool, thus creating a better impact. This piece can be anything from an oversized photograph of a member, a group photograph, an artist’s masterpiece, or something else. It can also be an abstract DIY artwork by yourself.

Gallery Wall

Are you finding it difficult to select one large piece of artwork for your room? Maybe creating a gallery wall will be an easier option. For example, you can select multiple photographs that you like and create a customized, vibrant, and attractive gallery wall.

The frames, color backgrounds, and sizes of the frames do not need to be the same. You can go rogue with this idea and include pictures telling different stories in different frame sizes, colors, and backgrounds. It will be an electric fusion, standing out from the rest.

 Scenic Accent Wall

Sometimes, simply hanging a large artwork doesn’t make an impact. It looks flat. You can create an accent with multiple photographs having different frame sizes and hang them beside one another.

You can start off with a large tall painting to accentuate the room’s height and place an ottoman or a rustic chair by its side. Then, instead of keeping the chair or ottoman empty, add some books to give it some depth.

The next photographs you hang should be smaller in height than their former ones.

 Decor On Console

A console table is a versatile piece and is fit to be kept in the entryway, bedroom, living room, or in front of an empty wall.

We, however, wouldn’t advise you to keep the console table empty. Instead, stack a few art frames on the table to let your guests go through them. You can also place a lantern or a planter on the console table.

In short, if you can represent the console table ideally, it has the power to make your guests stop and stare.

Wall Decals and Wall Murals

Wallpapers can make an empty, blank wall look beautiful. No matter if it is a minimalistic, neutral wallpaper or a graphic statement wallpaper, wallpapers make a statement.

While picking wallpapers, you will be flooded with choices. There are contemporary geometric, bold graphics, biophilic landscapes, understated chintz, jungle motifs, florals, calming prints, and various other types to choose from. In short, there is something for everyone.

Go Graphic with a Contrasting Shade

For a change, you can implement a two-tone living room! For instance, you can paint one side of the room with a light shade and contrast it with a darker shade on the other side. This concept adds balance and harmony to your room. If your ceiling has plaster coving, implementing this idea will be easier.

Wallpaper the Ceiling

You can take a bold wallpaper and magnify it by including the ceilings. For this, you must paste the wallpaper straight to the wall and across the ceiling with contrasting striped paper. However, we suggest you hire a professional decorator to get this effect.

An elegant wallpaper and stripes will create a timeless, structured effect in the entire space.

Make the Ceiling Stand Out

Especially if you have a white-colored, minimalistic room with kitchen cabinets, you should go for this idea. Install a glass ceiling that shines in your room and elevates the entire space through reflections. It also gives you a real sense of more space.

Add a Rustic Touch with

Opt for this idea for your living room. If you love to render a rustic, warm touch to the space, you can add a wooden plank to the ceiling and the floor. In that case, we suggest you keep the room spacious and less crowded with the artwork.

A wooden ceiling and a wooden floor will give a cozy feeling to the room, making your guests feel comfortable.

While experimenting with the interior decor of a room, you can pick up a suitable theme and decorate the room accordingly. Gone are those days when paint was the only option available to homeowners. Instead, we can now decorate our rooms with panels, wallpapers, photographs, trims, and accents. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up some fresh wall and ceiling decorating ideas and live in style!


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