Veteran Actor Soumitra Chatterjee Gets Plasma Therapy

Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee, who is undergoing treatment for Covid-19 at a private hospital in Kolkata, has been administered plasma therapy, doctors have said.
The 85-year-old Indian actor is “quite restless and in a semi-conscious stage”, although his oxygen saturation level has been “brought to normal”, one of the doctors of the south Kolkata hospital said.
The actor’s potassium level is low and is being corrected. His sodium level has already been corrected, the doctor added.
According to the doctor, Soumitra Chatterjee or Chattopadhyay is very drowsy, severely disoriented, and restless. His oxygen saturation level has been brought to normal and he does not have a fever but he is still in the “high-risk zone”.
He was shifted to the Intensive Therapy Unit after he experienced restlessness and was in an “acute confusional stage” on Friday.
The Bengali prominent actor was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday after he tested positive for the virus.
The actor’s daughter Poulomi Basu said in a statement that her father is suffering from Covid encephalopathy, as per the physicians” assessment and therefore disoriented and restless at this time. All due care is being taken, she said.
She added, “There has been no deterioration on account of his comorbidities including a high PSA count, pneumonia tendencies, and compromised lungs which is a good sign.”

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