What are the Different Types of YouTube Videos that are Created Today?

Did you know that YouTube has over two billion monthly users? That’s a lot of people watching videos, and there’s a significant demographic your business can reach.

Most businesses realize that YouTube marketing is a must for their business. However, there are many different YouTube videos, and you must choose the right type for your business.

Everything from the nature of your business to video marketing trends will influence what types of videos you make.

To simplify things, here is a guide to different types of YouTube videos created today that your business can use.

1. Business Introduction

You should create an introduction video if you’re just starting on YouTube. This video will serve as a trailer for your channel that lets viewers know what they can expect when they sign on.

Make sure this video is concise while still detailing your company’s highlights. And include a call to action (CTA) to subscribe to your channel. Marketing website The HOTH provides an example of an introduction video.

2. Product Explanations

You should include different types of videos highlighting your product or service. These include product explanation videos and tutorials.

A product explanation explains your product, what it’s meant to be used for, and why your consumer needs it.

Tutorials include product demonstrations and how-to guides. You can also make videos regarding setting up your product, troubleshooting issues, etc. 

These videos often work as short-term videos (less than five minutes), as many viewers want you to get to the point. However, in some cases, they can work as long-term videos for people who want more details. This may be the case with a troubleshooting video that addresses many problems a customer may need to troubleshoot.

3. Reviews and Testimonies

Reviews will either make or break your business. A positive review or testimonial from an enthusiastic customer is a great way to boost your status among potential consumers.

4. Influencer Videos

If you have an opportunity to partner with an influencer (e.g., a celebrity or a YouTube star), take it. Testimonials, unboxings, or even just an advertisement from the influencer can expose you to a wider audience than you can reach on your own.

5. Live Streams

Live streams are becoming extremely popular with viewers. These videos can take the form of love events or even FAQ streams. This is a great way to get feedback from customers and lets them know you take an interest in them.

6. Behind the Scenes Videos

Viewers love seeing what goes on behind the scenes for different businesses. Videos like this make them feel like insiders getting a glimpse of how operations work.

Share a video of what a typical day at work looks like. Also, try to put a positive spin on company culture, as viewers want to support businesses that are good to their employees.

Other types of videos include product announcements, employee introductions, etc. Determine the goals of your business and what sort of demographic you’re seeking to determine the best YouTube videos for you.

Types of YouTube Videos

These are just some of the many types of YouTube videos you can make. This is an excellent opportunity to reach a wider audience and grow your consumer base. Put in the work and start making killer content today.

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