Types of Window Replacement Units

Buying window replacement units can be challenging because of the many factors that you have to consider in your selection such as styles, designs, and window materials. However, some factors like your home’s structural design and your taste and preference will determine the type of windows you get.

Before buying the windows, it is essential to compare the different types. They have various characteristics and pros & cons that are essential to know. Besides, these windows are also available in other window materials, and their sashes open differently. Besides, the window replacement cost for these windows varies significantly. Some of the common types of replacement windows you can buy are;

1. Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are standard and fit in small and huge window spaces. Their main characteristic is the double sashes that are tiltable. The top sash moves downwards to open while the bottom one moves upwards, and the movable sashes make it easier to clean the windows. You can get double-hung windows in various window materials like wood and fiberglass to increase energy efficiency. This window will allow a lot of natural lighting and ventilate your home.

2. Single Hung Windows

Single-hung replacement windows resemble the double-hung ones, but these have a single movable sash. However, only the bottom sash can open, and the top one is fixed. The windows are ideal for smaller spaces, and they allow natural lighting into the home.

However, the single-hung windows offer less ventilation than the double-hung ones because of a smaller opening. These windows are also easy to clean because of the tiltable sash, and you can get them in different materials.

3. Casement Windows

The most common window replacement style is casement. These windows have hinges on the sides, and they crank open like a double door. They come in different sizes and are available in other window materials.

Some casement windows have an extra pane at the center that does not open but allows natural light into the home. The windows close tightly to provide energy efficiency, but you can also get one with double or triple window panes for more energy efficiency. However, when opened, these windows take up a lot of outside space, so they are not suitable for confined spaces and patios.

4. Sliding Windows

If you have a small space where a casement window cannot open, you can install sliding windows. They open horizontally by sliding on a track and are easy to operate. Sliding windows are a good choice for ventilation and lighting, and they fit well in the kitchen and living spaces. Bigger sliding windows also provide an unobstructed view. The window is also ideal for houses with a small vertical space because they are installed horizontally.

5. Bay Windows

Bay replacement windows are enormous and make the space look bigger than actually it is. These windows are an excellent choice for the window replacement project. They consist of three angled window panes, mostly casement windows, which project outwards, making a bay shape. However, bay windows require a bigger window space because of their size.

6. Bow Windows

Bow windows protrude outwards like a bay, but these form a semi-circle. They are a combination of window panes that project at 10 or 15 degrees. The windows are suitable for lighting the space, and they provide good ventilation. You can also get them in double and triple glass panes for more energy efficiency.

7. Picture Windows

Install picture replacement windows if your house is located along the coast, beside a beautiful forest, or near a garden. They are characterized by a single glass pane running from top to bottom to provide views and natural lighting.

The downside of picture windows is they are fixed, so you have to install a casement or double-paned window for ventilation. Homeowners can also choose a tough glass with impact resistance to protect the window from breakages.

8. Custom Windows

If you did not get the type of replacement windows you want your home to have, you can ask your manufacturer to custom make the windows. You will show them your desired window style and the size of your liking. However, these windows are expensive and take longer to be delivered.

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