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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Twitter Announces New Levels of API Access

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The tech community has been paying close attention to Twitter since since Elon Musk bought the social media network for $44 billion. The new owner has made significant adjustments that have impacted developers as well as users.

Twitter has formally unveiled its new pricing tiers, after the announcement of impending changes to its API policies in February. Each of them has unique qualities that you should evaluate in light of the demands of your application or service.

Twitter Announces New Levels of API Access

Twitter’s new API access tiers have been formally introduced. Developers now have three tiers to choose from after the announcement: Free, Basic, and Enterprise. Every level includes restrictions, but Enterprise has more features overall and more restrictions overall.

Twitter said that it would discontinue the current access levels (Standard (v1.1), Essential (v2), Elevated (v2), and Premium) after 30 days in a message released via the platform’s developer account. The only exception is the Advertising API, which will be provided without charge to everyone.

Twitter is also thinking about how to support academic users in the future due to the present free tier’s limitations.

The New Levels of Access to the Twitter API

Three new tiers will replace Twitter’s four outdated API access options. They contrast in this manner.


This one is free, as its name says. Yet there are severe restrictions on the free tier. With this plan, you can use the app-level API to submit up to 1,500 tweets per month.

This indicates that users of your app have the ability to send a combined total of 1,500 tweets using your app each and every month. Also, the free tier provides access to tweeting and media uploads with certain restrictions. On the other API endpoints, variable rate limitations will be implemented.


The posting limit per month at the app level is increased to 50,000 tweets with the purchase of Basic, which costs $100 a month. The maximum number of tweets that can be viewed in a given month is 10,000, and each user is only allowed to publish a maximum of 3,000 tweets in that same time period.


It should come as no surprise that the Business plan, which does not have predetermined pricing, provides more flexibility and capabilities than the other levels of the service. You are going to need to get in touch with Twitter if you want to gain access to the Enterprise tier.

According to Twitter, this particular package provides customers with customizable options, including “business-grade access” and “services handled by a dedicated account staff.” In addition to that, you will get access to real-time endpoints (such as Twitter’s APIs for account activity and stats), and you will receive individualized technical assistance.

Make the necessary adjustments as soon as you can to ensure a smooth transition because Twitter says it will stop using the previous access levels before the end of April.



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