Top 5 Essential Tips Before Playing ‘Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

top 5 tips before playing elden ring shadow of the erdtree

Shadow of the Erdtree,” the concluding chapter of the 2022 hit game “Elden Ring,” releases this Friday, and trust me, you’re not ready — even if you think you are.

Playing through this DLC took me around 60 hours, and I’m still uncovering new aspects of the game. I found invaluable help from YouTuber FightinCowboy and the guide writers at IGN. I’d recommend checking out their platforms as well. Now, I’m here to share a general overview of what to expect in “Shadow of the Erdtree,” along with some tips on how to avoid common mistakes and best prepare for the journey.

1. Level Up – You Are Not Overleveled

Despite boasting about my Level 713 character (the highest possible in “Elden Ring”), I quickly realized I wasn’t as prepared as I thought. The enemies in this DLC are scaled for highly leveled characters, and even my maxed-out Sword of Night and Flame barely scratched their health bars. “Shadow of the Erdtree” introduces a new leveling system with items called Scadutree Fragments, which boost your attack and defense stats by 5%. The higher your base game stats, the greater the buffs from these fragments. So, make sure to level up and gather these fragments to maximize your strength.

2. Don’t Ignore Unusual Enemies

Scadutree Fragments are scattered across the map, often hidden as rewards from enemies. One major mistake I made was ignoring the skinny zombie ghosts holding pots or jars. These enemies blend in with regular zombie mobs but usually drop Scadutree Fragments or the new Revered Spirit Ashes, which provide similar boosts to your spirit summon partners. I spent 10 hours retracing my steps to find these overlooked enemies. To avoid this, ensure you defeat every unique-looking enemy, as they often drop valuable rewards, including the stat-boosting fragments from the monstrous hippo field bosses. Additionally, you can also read about- Elden Ring Gold Scarab Talisman.

3. Explore Vertically

The Shadow Realm is designed with vertical exploration in mind. Many crucial areas are hidden behind difficult-to-find passages, so always look above and below you. Examine every unusual cliff or slope — they often lead somewhere important. Here are some key locations to explore:

  • Moorth Ruins: Keep an eye out for pathways both underground and above ground to the north.
  • Shadow Keep: The game’s largest and most complex dungeon, with numerous entrances and exits. It’s a key hub for accessing other regions, so ensure you thoroughly explore it.
  • Hidden Paths: Look out for weird-looking walls and take leaps of faith, as these old FromSoftware exploration gimmicks make a significant return.

4. Read Item Descriptions for the Story

For veterans of Souls games, this might seem obvious, but the story in “Shadow of the Erdtree” is revealed through item descriptions. Many quests involve characters with intricate, interwoven stories. Understanding what to do with key items will help you uncover the most secret and story-important areas. Reading and remembering item descriptions can lead you to these places. Taking notes, like in classic pen-and-paper adventures, can also be helpful.

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5. Watch These YouTube Prep Videos

To access “Shadow of the Erdtree,” you need to beat the characters Mohg and Radahn, who are optional fights and can be hard to find. Don’t hesitate to look up guides if you’re unsure how to find them. Additionally, I recommend watching preparation videos from YouTube creators VaatiVidya (“How to fully prepare for Elden Ring’s DLC”) and FightinCowboy (“How to prepare for Shadow of the Erdtree”). VaatiVidya is known for his story analysis, while FightinCowboy is famous for comprehensive walkthroughs of massive RPGs. Both offer valuable information on the right weapons, abilities, and stats needed for this DLC.

Get ready for an epic journey in “Shadow of the Erdtree” and make sure to prepare thoroughly. Happy gaming!

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