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Elden Ring Endings Explained: A Comprehensive Guide in 2024

Elden Ring Endings Explained

Are you lost in the Lands Between, trying to make sense of all the different ways things can end in Elden Ring? You’re not alone. Many players find themselves scratching their heads, wondering if they’ve truly seen everything this massive game has to offer.

There’s a secret that might surprise you: Elden Ring hides not one, not two, but six endings within its vast expanse.

With each ending offering a distinct conclusion to your journey, it’s crucial to understand what they entail and how they reshape the world around you. Whether you aspire to repair the title artifact and claim your place as its lord or follow a darker path toward chaos or wisdom under the stars, your actions decide the fate of this broad realm.

Our guide is here to shine a light on these paths, showing you not just how to reach each destination but also what awaits upon arrival.

Ready for clarity? Keep reading.

The Elden Ring Endings Explained

Elden Ring Endings Explained

Elden Ring has six different ways the game can end. Each one changes what happens to the Lands Between. To get these endings, players must do certain things and make choices that lead them down different paths.

The most straightforward ending comes when you fix the Elden Ring after beating the final boss. This act turns you into the Elden Lord, but it’s just one way to wrap up your journey.

For other endings, like becoming the Lord of Frenzied Flame or choosing the Age of Stars path with Ranni, you need to follow special steps and complete tasks for characters you meet along your adventure.

These stories often involve finding items like Great Runes from Queen Marika’s children or specific Mending Runes linked to various outcomes, such as Perfect Order or Despair, courtesy of Dung Eater.

Your decisions not only shape your destiny but also decide how things will be in this fractured world after your story ends.

The Age of Fracture Ending

The Age of Fracture splits the world apart. Players fix it by using a special tool, the Mending Rune of Perfect Order.

How to Unlock the Age of Fracture Ending

Unlocking the Age of Fracture ending in Elden Ring involves making some tough choices. To achieve this ending, you must follow specific steps and complete certain tasks.

  1. Start by advancing through the game until you reach the Altus Plateau. This area is critical for your journey toward the end.
  2. Engage with NPCs as you move forward. Their stories add depth to your adventure and can guide you on how to proceed.
  3. Find Millicent in the game and help her throughout her challenges. Her story is crucial for unlocking this ending.
  4. Obtain Miquella’s Needle by completing Millicent’s storyline. This item is key to accessing the Age of Fracture ending.
  5. Make your way to Dragonlord Placidusax’s boss area with Miquella’s Needle in hand.
  6. Use Miquella’s Needle in the boss area of Dragonlord Placidusax. This action takes you closer to the ending.
  7. Choose to infuse the Elden Ring with the Frenzied Flame or follow another path leading to becoming the Elden Lord.

Remember, each choice you make impacts your path towards this ending. Engage deeply with the world FromSoftware created, explore every corner, and connect with NPCs to enrich your experience toward unlocking the Age of Fracture ending. Additionally, you can also read about- Isolated Divine Tower Elden Ring.

The Age of Stars Ending

In the Age of Stars Ending, you collaborate with Ranni the Witch to bring about a magically charged night. To get this ending, players must complete her side missions and find special items like the Dark Moon Ring in Caria Manor.

How to Unlock the Age of Stars Ending

Getting to the Age of Stars ending in Elden Ring is a journey full of adventure. You’ll need to follow a few steps to see this outcome.

  1. Meet Ranni the Witch at her tower in Caria Manor. She starts you on an exciting path.
  2. Defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, at the Academy of Raya Lucaria. This victory is crucial.
  3. Complete Ranni’s side challenge by following her story very closely and helping her out.
  4. Find and beat Baleful Shadow in Nokron, Eternal City. This foe guards a key item for your quest.
  5. Get the Dark Moon Ring from Ranni’s underground chamber after defeating Baleful Shadow.
  6. Visit Roundtable Hold and speak with Finger Reader Enia to get more insight into your mission.
  7. Go back to Ranni with the Dark Moon Ring and place it on her finger as a symbol of your alliance.
  8. After facing the last boss, don’t interact with the Fractured Marika statue yet! Instead, summon Ranni using the summon sign nearby.

This will lead you right into the Age of Stars, completing your journey with Elden Ring in a memorable way!

The Age of Order Ending

In the Age of Order Ending, you bring back balance and peace to a broken world. You’ll need to collect the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince from a spooky place called Deeproot Depths.

Then, face off against tough bosses like Malenia in Lake of Rot and Lichdragon Fortissax in secret tombs. This ending lets you fix what went wrong, making everything right again.

Want to learn more? Keep reading for cool tips on how to unlock this ending and more!

How to Unlock the Age of Order Ending

The Age of Order Ending in Elden Ring is a path that brings a new dawn of law and structure. It requires players to follow a specific set of steps to unlock. Here’s how you can achieve this ending:

  1. Find Brother Corhyn during your journey in the Lands Between. He starts out at the Roundtable Hold.
  2. Help Brother Corhyn find Gold Mask, his friend, who wanders in search of the truth behind the Erdtree.
  3. Together with Gold Mask, uncover the Law of Regression incantation. This powerful spell is key to unlocking secrets long forgotten under the Erdtree’s shadow.
  4. Journey to the Erdtree Sanctuary, a place bathed in golden light and shadows deep within the capital.
  5. Cast the Law of Regression incantation near specific ruins close to the sanctuary—this act reveals hidden truths and forgotten lore.
  6. Face Malekith, Shadow of War, in a fierce battle that tests your might and wit beneath the great Erdtree.
  7. After defeating Malekith, search for Gold Mask’s body among the aftermath—he holds onto something precious: the Mending Rune of Perfect Order.
  8. Acquire this rune from him—it’s your key to rewriting fate and bringing order to chaos.
  9. Finally, present this rune at the game’s climax when you confront your destiny under burning stars and twisted roots.

Following these steps carefully will guide you toward an ending where law reigns supreme—a new Age of order awaits those strong enough to claim it. In addition, you can also read an article on- What Is TR2 Games?

The Age of Duskborn Ending

In “The Age of Duskborn Ending,” players will face a world where the weak rise. They need to gather special items called seedbed curses from hidden places below ground and in dark corners.

How to Unlock the Age of Duskborn Ending

Unlocking the Age of Duskborn ending in Elden Ring is a journey filled with challenges and secrets. This guide lays out each step clearly, so you can see the path to this mysterious conclusion.

  1. Start by siding with King Osyris, the Eternal. He’s a powerful ally who opposes the Frenzied Flame. Your choice here sets you on the path to unlocking the Age of Duskborn.
  2. Face the final boss with courage—and both eyes open. This fight is tough but necessary. Winning it this way is key to seeing the Age of Duskborn unfold.
  3. Dig deep into Millicent’s side tasks next. These aren’t easy, but they lead to finding Miquella’s Needle—a magical item you must have.
  4. Now, get your hands on Miquella’s Needle by completing all of Millicent’s requests. This needle isn’t just any tool; it holds power over curses and is crucial for what comes next.
  5. Use Miquella’s needle in the subterranean shunning – grounds—this place is dark and full of secrets. With a needle in hand, perform a ritual that shows your dedication to breaking away from curses like the seedbed curse.
  6. In doing so, carefully avoid aligning with entities that suggest burning down or drastically changing things through fire or chaos—like the Three Fingers represent with their wild flames.
  7. Keep pushing forward until you encounter an option that involves using Miquella’s needle directly on yourself in a special way that counters traditional game endings tied to fire, rebirth, or despair.
  8. Last but not least, make choices throughout your adventure that steer clear of paths leading to other known conclusions, such as becoming Lord of the Frenzied Flame or embracing despair through certain cursed items.

Each step takes patience and skill but leads to discovering one of Elden’s most hidden stories—the Age of Duskborn ending awaits!

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The Lord of Frenzied Flame Ending

Choosing the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending sets your character on fire in a way that changes the game world drastically. To unlock this path, players must find and interact with a hidden door in Leyndell, Royal Capital, without wearing any clothes.

How to Unlock the Lord of Frenzied Flame Ending

Unlocking the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending in the Elden Ring takes guts and a bit of know-how. It’s a path filled with choices that will change your game forever. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Start your journey to the boss room below the Erdtree. Here, you’ll need to show your strength and attack an altar. This step leads you closer to the secret door at the bottom.
  2. Find this hidden door—it’s not easy, but your efforts will reveal it. Behind this door lies a passageway leading deep into mystery.
  3. At the end of this passageway, you’ll discover a door made of molten rock. It looks like nothing else in the game, marking an important point in your adventure.
  4. Stand before this fiery doorway with no armor. Yes, you read that right! Remove all your gear and stand naked before the door. This act shows your readiness for what comes next.
  5. The Three Fingers await inside, ready to grant you the power of the Frenzied Flame. Accepting this power is a serious choice, as it marks a point of no return for your character.
  6. After receiving the Frenzied Flame, head to the Forge of Giants for your next step. It’s here that Melina will confront you for choosing this dark path and leave for good.
  7. Continue your mission without Melina’s help until you reach the game’s end, where everything you fought for comes to its climax as Lord of Frenzied Flame.

Each step on this path moves you away from light and deeper into darkness, reshaping not just your fate but also those around you in Elden Ring’s vast lands.

Blessing of Despair Ending

To unlock the Blessing of Despair Ending, players must find and use the Cursemark of Death. This special item leads to a secret finish that offers a different view on the game’s world.

Dive in to learn more!

How to Unlock Blessing of Despair Ending

Unlocking the Blessing of Despair ending in Elden Ring is a thrilling challenge. It requires precise steps to achieve this specific outcome.

  1. Begin by defeating Godrick the Grafted. This fierce enemy stands in your way, but taking him down is your first step.
  2. After the battle, you’ll need to find the Frenzied Flame. Head to the depths of the Lake of Rot for this task.
  3. The Eternal Dragon guards the flame here. Prepare for a tough fight against this mighty creature.
  4. Once you have defeated the dragon, claim the Frenzied Flame as your prize.
  5. Your next move involves completing the Fia Maroon storyline. Follow each part carefully to progress.
  6. After finishing Fia’s tasks, you’ll obtain an item called Remembrance of Flame.
  7. This special item lets you interact with the Eternal Dragon again.
  8. Offer the Remembrance of Flame to complete this journey and unlock the Blessing of Despair ending.

Take these steps and explore side quests where needed for additional help or information on your path toward unlocking this dark yet intriguing endgame scenario in Elden Ring’s vast world of challenges and mysteries—perfect for those eager to explore every shadowy corner and hidden story within their new game plus adventures.

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We’ve walked through the many paths your journey in Elden Ring can take. From fixing the world as its new ruler to diving deep into a star-filled future with Ranni, each choice shapes the Lands Between.

Remember, whether bringing back order or embracing chaos with the Frenzied Flame, you hold the power to mold your destiny and impact countless stories yet untold. Your actions decide what tomorrow looks like in this vast land, so choose wisely and make your mark on history.

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