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Toilet and Bathroom Maintenance

Toilet And Bathroom Maintenance

Most homeowners don’t understand that toilet and bathroom clogs and leaks are one of the worst plumbing issues that can happen in your home.

More so, your toilet is also one common breeding space for infectious diseases. Your cough and fever are not always due to weather but what is coming back into your home through your toilets.

Below are a few toilet and bathroom maintenance tips that will ensure you and your family live in a healthy environment. By the way, for your plumbing solutions, call Sutherland shire plumber now.

Your Toilet Is Not A Trash Can

The most costly mistake homeowners make is treating their toilet as if it’s the next trash can available. Dumping of feminine products, cleaning wipes, and paper towels will block the sewage pipes causing the sewer waste to back up into your home. This will cause you money to fix and may also lead to sickness infecting your family. Any products other than toilet paper shouldn’t be used in your toilet bowl.

Check Toilet And Bathroom For Leaks

You don’t want to keep wasting lots of money on energy or water bills, so ensure that you routinely check for leaks in your toilet and bathroom. Look for any sign of leaks on and around the toilet and also check the pipes that connect water to your bathroom and toilet, if you notice any sign of leaks, call on professional numbers to check and fix the issue.

Also, you can check for leaks by adding 5-10 drops of food coloring into your toilet tank and waiting for 30 minutes. Check the toilet bowl, if the water has changed color, then you’ve got a leak somewhere.

Inspect The Shut-Off Valve

Your toilet water shut-off valve or stop valve as is commonly called is a knob that cuts off the water supply to your toilet. Check for the knob under or behind the toilet and see if it’s turnable. If the knob wouldn’t budge or take a lot of force to turn, then you might need the service of a professional to fix the issues before it gets you into trouble.

Cleaning Tapware In The Bathroom

Whenever you want to clean your tapware, always ensure to make use of warm water and a soft cloth. Afterward, rinse with clear water and dry the tapware with a soft cloth. Regular wash which involves cleaning and polishing will prevent the need for heavy cleaning and polishing soon.

Avoid using any cleaning agents that are made of acids, harsh cleaners, polish abrasives, soaps, or chemicals.

 Cleaning Shower In The Bathroom

Always wipe down all surfaces after every shower with a squeegee, this will ensure that you remove all water residues. You should also endeavor to clean your shower every week by making use of hot water, mild soap, and a soft microfibre cloth. Never forget to regularly remove the drain lid and disassemble it to remove hair particles, soap, and other dirt that may have been collected in it.

Keeping Toilet Seats Clean

It’s gross to know that some people actually squat on toilet seats. Squatting on toilets with your shoes on is one sure way of encouraging bacteria buildup in your home. A toilet is a breeding place for bacteria, your shoes having marched here and there is also a breeding space of bacteria, the combination of the two is something distasteful to health. Always ensure that your toilet is clean at all times. Flush your toilets with the lid closed to avoid germs flying into your home.

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