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What You should Know About Title IX Law and Sports?

Title IX is a federal law that protects all individuals in educational institutions from discrimination based on gender. This applies to school athletic programs as well. Despite the protections provided by the law, some schools may still violate Title IX. Thus, many students participating in athletics can find themselves in situations that require a Title IX lawyer.  Title IX was passed with the goal of providing equal opportunity in college athletics, so it’s crucial to consult with a lawyer if you find yourself or  your athletic team treated inequitably.

Title IX and Sports

Title IX is a section of amendments in the Education Act from 1972. This federal law asserts that no person in the United States shall be removed from any form of participation, denied benefits, or sidelined under whatever educational program or getting financial help on the basis of their sex.

This means that you should not be denied rights regardless of your sex. You are also subject to the benefits of any education program provided or activities that involved receiving assistance from the federal government.

This often refers to sexual assault protection on campus and extends to other areas like athletics. Title IX has a very strong connection with sports, and it protects all sexes from any form of discrimination.

This law is applicable because athletic programs are listed as activities linked to federal assistance. Title IX requires that men and women be offered equal opportunities to engage in sporting activities and get equal scholarships without considering the sex and other benefits and rights related to athletics.

You might not be sure if your situation requires the services of a Title IX sports lawyer. The best you can do is to seek legal advice from a Title IX attorney. They will assess your case to determine whether you are eligible and help you secure justice.

What Qualifies for a Title IX Violation?

If you have difficulty understanding what qualifies for a Title IX violation, we will help you know better.


This refers to the different types and number of opportunities given to students of both sexes. Schools are required to show that they provide equal athletic opportunities to students of both sexes (male and female). If you feel that your learning institution is not according your sex equal opportunities as the other, then you qualify for a Title IX case.

The other perfect example of how schools show that they are not compliant with Title IX rules is when they keep pursuing several athletic offerings for the under-represented sex. If you feel that your institution shows little interest in increasing the options for the under-represented sex, you can file for a Title IX case.


Title IX law requires learning institutions to provide equal scholarships for both sexes. It’s not a must to be equal in numbers but corresponding to the athlete’s ratio by sex.

Take an example of an institution that has 115 male athletes and 90 female athletes with a learning budget of about $100,000. Equal distribution of funds would award $56,000 in scholarship aid to male athletes and $44,000 to females.

It could be a more subtle type of discrimination, which can go unnoticed easily. If you feel that scholarship money is not given in the right ratio to each sex, then you can hire a Title IX sports lawyer.

Other Areas

Equal distribution to the different genders under Title IX sports law also applies to the following areas:

  • Access to tutoring
  • Coaching
  • Recruitment of student-athletes
  • Publicity and promotions
  • Travel and daily allowance/per diem
  • Support services
  • Locker rooms, practice, and competitive facilities
  • Scheduling of games and practice times
  • Housing and dining facilities and services
  • Medical and training facilities and services
  • Equipment and supplies


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