Protest Against Rape: Mashrafe Mortaza Says ‘Let’s Change the Mindset’

Former Bangladesh ODI Captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza has joined the protest against rape and called upon everyone to bring a change in their mindset to stop such barbaric crimes.

Violence against women is growing alarmingly in Bangladesh. Nowadays, incidents of rape and violence have become routine matters! However, Bangladesh has been moved to the nationwide protest against rape and torture of a student at MC College in Sylhet.

The cricketers of the national team have also been joined by them.

They have also called for a change of mindset to create a safe Bangladesh for women and to wake everyone up on social media.

আপনার মেয়ে যখন আপনার কোলে বসে থাকে, তখন আপনার সেই অনুভূতি হয় না। যখন আপনার বোন আপনার পাশের রুমে থাকে, তখনও সেই…

Posted by Mashrafe Bin Mortaza on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

On Wednesday, Bangladesh’s most successful ODI captain, Mashrafe Mortaza, said, “When your daughter is sitting on your lap, you don’t feel that. When your sister is in the room next to you, that feeling doesn’t come. When you go out with your wife, you feel bad looking at her. But do I have the same feelings as you when I see others?”

“Otherwise, you have to understand that the problem is in the minds of many. Maybe not everyone is exposed to the environment. Let’s change the mindset. Let the woman live with her head raised,” he wrote.

And the rapist does not carry any identity. He’s ugly, maybe not in the face, but in the mind. “We cannot remain silent anymore,” wrote the wicketkeeper and desperate batsman Mushfiqur Rahim the previous day. Rape or any sexual assault will never be tolerated. It has no place in society. Wake up Bangladesh. Don’t tell rape. No, I don’t mean it.”

On Facebook, Bangladesh cricket team’s pacer Rubel Hussain posted, “What a misfortune for some human-like animals! She did not learn to respect women even after being born in her belly. Parents and sisters, be careful. There are animals in this city called man. I lost my language.

We want a rape-free Bangladesh. ‘

Star-left opener Soumya Sarkar wrote, “No woman should be subjected to physical abuse. Women have to feel that they are not alone. There is no forgiveness for the oppressors. ‘

With the hashtag, he added, “Stop rap (stop rape) ‘

Earlier on Tuesday, all-rounder, Shakib Al Hasan wrote, calling for collective resistance, “Let us unite to fight this moral degradation and ensure the safety of our women and children so that they can dream and live without fear.”

“Remember, if we don’t stand up to this barbaric attitude and attitude today, one day one of our loved ones can be the victim of this cruelty,” he said.


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