4 Ways to Make Your Student Article More Interesting to Read

Reading a student article that keeps you engaged is great, isn’t it? But how can you write your student article that is interesting to read? The thing is many students think that academic writing is about writing dull articles. And those engaging articles are more about marketing and creative writing. But writing student articles that are interesting is not easy, but not impossible at the same time.

As writers from EssayMama writing service advise, you need to write an article that catches the attention of the readers. And most importantly, a student article that keeps the reader engaged and maintains its attention-focused reading it. Even though most topics you might be asked to write a student article on may seem dull and boring, here are some ways you can make your article more interesting to read.

Choose a Subject You Are Passionate About

If you do not have a given topic and have the freedom to choose your own topic for the article, then you should choose something you are passionate about. Everyone wants to write an interesting article and the next natural step would be to search for interesting topics online. People often overlook the importance of having their own passion and interest in the subject.

So, it would be better to choose a subject you are passionate about. Like this, the entire process of writing the article would be easier because you will love the research step. It will not feel like a burden. And more than this, because you have a true passion for the subject, you will create an outstanding student article. An article that will also be interesting because your interest in the subject will be natural and not forced.

Add Interesting Facts and Information

However, some student articles come with a predefined topic or theme, so you need to adapt to it. Some topics might be naturally dry, while others will be interesting. But those which are dry are the most challenging ones because it comes in your power to make it interesting. So how could you do this?

There are two major ways: adapting your writing style and adding interesting facts. In your research phase, you will come across many interesting snippets of information. So why not include them in your student article? This could spice up things more and help you grab the attention of your reader. Moreover, if these facts are intriguing, you will maintain the attention of the reader and have them reading until the end.

Adapt Your Writing Style

The other way you can make a dry topic for a student article interesting is to adapt your writing style. Many students think that the academic writing style has to be impersonal, but this is not true. An impersonal writing style would keep the reader away from the article because he or she cannot relate or empathize with it. Writing passively does not make the article more interesting, so this is why you should avoid it. Instead, you should be writing in an active voice.

This gives the feeling and sends the idea that the action is happening in the present, which in turn helps the reader engage more. It is easier to relate to and be engaged in something written as it is happening now. At the same time, you should adapt your writing style depending on your readers. Think about who is your primary audience for your student article and about its expectations regarding a piece of text. This could come with many answers and help you adapt your writing style so that the readers will find your article interesting and engaging.

Express Your Opinion

One of the most important ways of making your student article more interesting to read is by expressing your opinion. Student articles are often impersonal and without any personal added value. This might be because many students do not have confidence in their reasoning and ideas. But to overcome this, you need to think about the goal of the article. Isn’t that of expressing your own opinion regarding a topic? There is no right or wrong, so expressing your opinion in the student article is something you should do. Avoid writing information that is found elsewhere.

Some students choose to rephrase the opinion of others on a given topic and avoid writing their own thoughts on a subject. This makes the article boring and dull. Instead, choose to take a moment and pause to think about your perspective on the topic. Then, choose to express your personal opinion, feelings, emotions regarding your topic. This will also help the reader connect with you and think about their opinions.

Final Words

Wanting to make your student article more interesting to read is something everyone wants to achieve. However, some students need to face dry and boring subjects, so the challenge expands. There are some ways you could make your article more engaging and interesting. If you can choose the topic, choose something that you are passionate about. If not, then add interesting facts and snippets of information you came across in your research phase. Adapt your writing style and write in an active voice; this will help the reader be more present and interested in reading what follows next. Last but not least, avoid rephrasing the opinion of others on the topic and express your own.


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