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What are the Stages of Plumbing?

It is not possible to build a home without plumbing installations. Most people are not aware of the amount of work required for plumbing system installations but if you are building a new home for yourself or any commercial property there are different stages of plumbing jobs that require to be completed during different phases of the construction process. In this blog post, we will be discussing the three different stages of plumbing that needs to be done during the construction, development, or renovation of any property and those three stages are as follows –

  • The underground rough-in phase
  • Top-out, stack-out, or above ground rough-in phase
  • Trim-out or finishing phase

There can be a fourth phase two which comes into play later and that is maintenance and servicing.

Underground rough-in phase

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For a professional Plumber Sydney this phase involves doing the groundwork for the entire plumbing system that will be installed later on and this can be done in two points –

  • Once when the basement walls are completed the groundwork is installed, inspected to make sure that it is properly functioning, and then buried
  • When the rest of the rough-plumbing job will be completed

During this particular phase, all the connections for water supply and liquid waste removal are located. Then the building system is connected with the public utilities at the points of entry or living on your property. In simpler words, the drains that will carry liquid waste out of the property will be hooked up with the main utilities. This phase also involves the installation of the main water line from the main service line up to the point where the meter will be installed.

Above ground rough-in phase

This phase involves the installation of all the drains, water lines, and vent pipes. The plumbing service you have hired for the job will also install the bathtubs, shower bases, etc. The following works are done during the above-ground rough-in phase –

  • Holes are cut in the floors, walls, or ceilings for attaching and connecting pipes to various plumbing fixtures
  • Installing pipe systems for all supply and waste systems
  • If there are metal pipes the joints are re-welded and for plastic pipes, those are sealed with chemical sealants.

The above-ground rough-in phase also involves the installation of the gas pipelines and if the plumbing service you have hired is not authorized or licensed for gas plumbing you need to find another contractor for gas plumbing installations.

The finishing phases

This is the final phase during which all the different fixtures and appliances like sinks, dishwashers, hot water systems, etc. are installed. Gas appliances like fireplaces and cook-tops are also installed during this phase and once all the installations are done the plumbing service should check out the entire system for possible leaks and make sure that all the appliances are safely and properly installed. After the finishing phase is completed, your home is ready to move in.

Once all the systems are installed regular servicing and maintenance are your responsibility and you should stay in touch with your plumbing contractor who should also offer Blocked Drain cleaning for all possible emergencies. 

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