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What Are the Best Skype Web Plugins to Use in 2023?

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Skype is possibly the most popular and widespread messaging, video calling, and Voip calling service worldwide, which can be used from virtually any platform and device. We will give you a list of the best Skype web plugins to use in 2023.

One of the main attractions of Skype is that it allows users to install add-ons, or plugins, that allow them to perform actions that are not available natively. Whether to keep a record of the calls made or to record the screen, Skype add-ons also enable us to improve activities already available in the application, such as subtitles or screen recording.

In the following few paragraphs, we will present you with a list of the best Skype add-ons and applications you can use both within and outside of them, allowing you to get the most out of the application.

13 Skype Web plugins that we can integrate to maximize Skype

It’s no exaggeration to say that there’s a Skype plugin for just about any action you want, so there’s a vast selection of these.

We now present the best ones that you can choose to take advantage of Skype 100%.

1. MessengerPlus!

MessengerPlus! It is a famous instant messaging application that has been adapted and turned into a plugin to work with Skype and provide tools to improve the video call experience. It allows for quick and easy installation, installs a sidebar tool that attaches to the Skype window, and offers options such as call recording, sending animated emoticons, and recording conversations.

2. SkyHistory

It is a Skype conversation history manager that allows you to keep a record of chats, filter them and perform searches according to various parameters such as date or filter by words. You can access their website skyhistory.scand.com. This application allows us to optimize the management of conversations thanks to the multiple actions that it will enable us to carry out, in addition to offering us the possibility of exporting conversations to Excel to work as a backup mode.

3. OnAir

This application is more for recreational use since it is related to music. This add-on works by synchronizing Skype with your computer’s media player, thus showing what songs you are listening to.

OnAir shows the information about the song being played and offers it to our Skype contacts. This information will appear next to our profile photo, and our communications can click on this balloon to obtain more information about the song.

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4. Click to call

It is a plugin that provides direct access between our web browser and the Skype application, allowing us to make calls quickly and easily to any phone number. Its operation is effortless. Once installed, an icon will appear next to the browser’s address bar. By clicking on this, we can select the country code we want to call, and then all that is left to do is click on any phone number we see in the browser.

5. IDroo.com

It is a handy complement to the Skype application, especially for online classes that have become popular recently since it is a very ideal and didactic tool. The IDroo plugin adds a practical virtual whiteboard that can be shared with other users, who are also given the ability to edit it. This offers maximum convenience for performing a multitude of tasks and operations because a large number of whiteboards can also be created.

6. SkypeTools

Installing this add-on will provide your Skype window with a handy toolbar to significantly increase its functionality and expand the user’s capabilities within the platform. This plugin includes tools such as a message manager focused on mass mailings, an information viewer, a contact viewer, a message spammer, and an information window of the profile itself.

7. Pamela for Skype

It is one of the most popular software to complement Skype on a computer; its primary user profile is people who do remote work and take or give virtual classes. The Pamela software offers valuable tools such as video call or audio call recording, which allows us to save every detail of a conference and functions such as an answering machine, email forwarding, or conference call management.

8. STranslator

It is a beneficial complement when starting chats by messaging. This plugin is one of the best translators available for Skype since it integrates perfectly with the application, starts automatically, and works very smoothly.

When starting, it automatically detects any message, not in the application’s default language and translates it automatically. It is one of the most popular because it is not intrusive and does not reduce the quality of the Skype experience.

9. voicemod.net

Voice Gear is a contact alert that works whether you’re connected to Skype or not, and it’s one of the best ways to keep track of the people you want to talk to, in or out of the workplace. The plugin works by pairing with your Skype account and sending a notification whenever one of your contacts changes their online status. This lets you know when your favorite contacts connect to chat with them.

10. Skype Log View

The Skype application creates “.dbb” and “.db” files in the Skype system folder, containing incoming and outgoing calls, audio and video logs, and sent and received messages. Skype Log View is compatible with these file formats, giving us access to logs of calls, conversations, and transferred files. You can dispose of the visible information as you see fit by copying it to the computer’s clipboard or exporting it to other text formats.

11. yakchat.com

It is an alternative instant messaging service to the one that Skype has by default. This add-on is primarily geared towards the Business version of Skype, so it’s not accessible to all users, but it’s beneficial to have on hand. The plugin allows you to send and receive text messages from the Skype business application, allowing the user to connect instantly with your contacts. They will receive your messages on their phones in regular SMS format.

12. Vodburner

This plugin becomes especially useful when those deserving moments need to be recorded. They can arise anytime; for locals, it is better to be prepared with a plugin like Vodburner.

It is a plugin that allows you to record the audio and video of video calls. In addition, it has a complete video editor to give the touches you want to the recorded moments. It is an indispensable program for those who use Skype regularly to make video calls.

13. eBay via Skype

Through this plugin, we can further customize our listings for items for sale on eBay, making it easier for us to communicate with potential buyers. This app adds a direct Skype contact button to the ad so potential buyers can quickly contact us anywhere.

Final Words

Skype has changed a lot since it first came out, and these web plugins show how flexible and adaptable the platform is. By using these tools with Skype, you can make scheduling easier and break down language barriers.



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