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Signs it’s Time you Need to Replace your Garage Door Cable

A cable is one of the most crucial parts of any garage door. This is because lifter cables make it easier to raise and lower the door by transferring the force of the lift from the spring to the door. Safety cables are there to prevent the garage door from causing damage or injuries in case of failure. 

Remember that you need to keep your garage door in great condition, so make sure that the cables are not worn down. This can help to prevent dangerous and costly cable malfunctions and can keep your garage door working smoothly. This is the reason why you should always hire a reputable garage door repair Lansdale PA to help you inspect and repair your garage door cables. This article discusses the signs that indicate that it’s time you need to replace your garage door cable. 

Drooping or Loose Cables

One of the signs that indicate that you need to replace the cables for your garage door is the problem with the cables themselves. You need to check your cables regularly to make sure that they are taut and are not drooping, fraying, or dragging. But you need to stay safe while checking the cables, so don’t touch the cables while the garage door is opening. 

The cables and springs in the frame of the garage door assist it to open and close properly. Therefore, these parts can cause problems with your daily schedule, especially if they fail to work properly. Besides, long-term cable damage may lead to other problems for your door. This may result in the need for total garage door replacement.

Door Misalignment and Unpleasant Noises

If your garage door is off track, it can be a huge challenge to open and close it. One of the things that may cause door misalignment is faulty door cables. Because the cable pulls the door along the track, a faulty cable can lead to problems with various parts of your garage, such as garage door springs.

Another sign that shows that you need to replace your garage door cable is audible grinding, banging, or clashing noises when you operate the garage door. In most cases, the loud noises may occur due to a simple issue like a bottom bracket that requires tightening. But your cables straining to function can also cause these loud noises. And, if you have not maintained your garage door for some time, then you need to apply oil, such as bike chain lubricant or WD-40 to the garage door springs to get rid of the noise. 

Delayed Opening Process

If your garage door takes a couple of seconds or minutes to open after pressing the buttons, it can be a sign that your cables are not functioning properly. Sometimes, when the cables have a problem, your garage door can try to open but may take longer to respond. Torsion and extension spring problems can cause this issue, so you have to contact a garage door specialist for help.

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