How Short Videos are the New Wave of Marketing?

All people need to socialize, maybe to different extents. Some enjoy it more while others enjoy it less. For ages, we have been familiar with the physical ways of socializing, but now social media has taken things a step further, moving interactions and engagements into the virtual world. Even businesses are taking notice and taking their activities to the social media world. With over half the world on social media, 73 percent of marketers believe social media has been effective for businesses. Additionally, 54 percent of social media users use it to research products making it vital for any business.

It’s no secret that TikTok is a great marketing tool for businesses. It has a massive user base and allows users to easily share their favorite moments with friends, family, and followers. As with any other social media, followers play a big role in your popularity. It’s always an exciting feeling when you get a notification that someone has followed your account, but this doesn’t happen often. To gain more followers on TikTok, you may want to use the services of a growth service. These online services, like TokUpgrade, can help grow your following on TikTok by finding people who might be interested in your content and following you back. With a few taps, you can get more followers, likes, and comments on your posts.

People use social media mostly as a pass time to watch entertaining content from photos and videos with humor, sentimental messages, and action. There are many genres as well such as sports, fashion, health, and travel that people enjoy. If you are lucky, you may stumble on or create a viral post especially on platforms such as TikTok. TikTok has made short videos so popular that the whole social media industry is taking notice.

The Rise of TikTok

In 2016, ti was first launched as Douyin in China but later was introduced to the rest of the world as TikTok in 2017 as it acquired the popular US app called This propelled it among the teenage US market to become what it is today with over 2 billion downloads and 689 million active users. It became so popular in such a short time because of its short videos. Since people love to binge on social media, the short entertaining videos on TikTok are a great option. You can get through so much interesting content in a small space of time. You can find content from ordinary people, celebrities, and influencers that tickle almost every kind of taste in content.

Other Platforms have taken notice

Before TikTok, there were many other popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that were the big players. When TikTok came into the picture with its short videos, they were not slow to take notice. Facebook introduced Stories, Instagram introduced Reels, and Twitter brought out Moments to give a similar TikTok-Esque feel for their users. Since these platforms already had established users, it was better for them to adapt to the short videos on TikTok rather than lose their users to the new kid on the block. The short video features come with music, filters, and effects as well to add to the entertainment of value of the content created by users.

Type of Content

Users have different tastes and preferences in content. Since there are many niches including fashion, comedy, sports and fitness, and travel, different kinds of content should be created to fit each niche. Some content created by both individuals and businesses includes entertaining videos, testimonials, educational videos, instructional videos, behind the scenes, and challenges that go a long way in engaging people on the apps. Content is the name of the game if you want to bring in real engagement onto your page. Users will like, comment, and reshare content that they enjoy which helps spread the word about a brand or individual page on each of these platforms. It’s best to understand your kind of customers and the content they enjoy before creating your own or sharing already made content.

Building Trust

Users love to associate with brands and pages they trust. Building trust increases as users interact with social media pages. Short videos are a great option for creating consistent engagement with users. Since many other activities are competing for people’s time, short videos are easy to create and view. The more interesting the content, the more engagement in comments, likes, and shares which increases trust among viewers and the page. Authenticity in the videos helps create sentimental connections with viewers as well that will help users feel attached to the page.


Still, images and longer-form videos were the major trends in the past for most social media channels until TikTik entered the scene with its short videos. Other platforms took notice adding them to their features due to how popular the content is and how great they are building trust. Since social media is a binge activity, short videos are a great way to get a message out quickly and attractively.


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